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Per ottenere la Reddito di Cittadinanza Card è sufficiente domandare il sostegno di natura economica e non è necessario presentare l’istanza.

expenses excluded and allowed

The Citizenship income card It is the purchase card in which the financial support is credited each month.

It’s about a Postepay card, therefore issued by the Post Office, charged monthly with the amount of citizenship income owed to the family unit.

Let’s find out in this guide what you can do with the Citizenship Income card, how much is the monthly recharge and what are the allowed and excluded expenses.

Citizenship card: what is it for?

To get the Citizenship income card You just need to ask for financial aid and you don’t need to apply.

the possession of the citizenship card allows its beneficiaries:

  • make purchases of goods and services at the POS of commercial establishments in Italy affiliated with the MasterCard circuit;
  • make a SEPA transfer or a monthly draft in favor of the lessor indicated in the lease or the intermediary who granted the loan at the Post Office;
  • pay all home users and other services such as school canteens at post offices;
  • make cash withdrawals from post and bank automated teller machines (ATMs) in Italy within a monthly limit of no more than 100 euros for individual households.

With the RdC card It’s not possible:

  • use the benefit for games involving cash winnings,
  • make payments on e-commerce sites,
  • carry out payment and withdrawal operations outside national borders.

Citizenship card: how to request it?

The application to apply for Citizenship Income It can be submitted electronically through the ad hoc portal, at the Tax Assistance Centers (CAF) or at the Post Offices.

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In case of acceptance of the application, it is necessary to wait for a communication in which it will be indicated in which Post Office to collect the Citizen Income card.

This will be delivered active and will be recharged for the amount corresponding to the first month or months accrued.

Citizenship Income Card: What Are Eligible Expenses?

The Citizenship income card can be used to buy:

  • Domestic services;
  • food;
  • medicines;
  • mobile phones;
  • children’s toys;
  • furniture;
  • large and small appliances;
  • books;
  • clothing and wardrobe.

Citizenship Income Card: what are the excluded expenses?

The Citizenship income card it cannot be used to pay the following expenses:

  • purchase, rental and leasing of boats and pleasure boats;
  • games that involve cash prizes or other benefits;
  • pornographic material and goods and services for adults;
  • weapons;
  • alcoholic;
  • jewelry items;
  • leather goods;
  • financial and credit services;
  • streaming services;
  • money transfer services;
  • Insurance services;
  • shopping in art galleries and the like.