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Facebook leaker warns about the dangers of the “Metaverse”


In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, after attending several sessions with MPs. European Parliament, who seek to establish rules for companies Social mediaHaugen said his former employer was quick to announce metaverse Because “If you don’t like the conversation, try changing it.”

She said, “I must have Facebook A transparent plan for metaverses before they start building all of this, because they can hide behind a wall and they keep making inadvertent mistakes and they keep doing things that prioritize their profits over safety. “

metaverse is a kind of interactive internet, or at least 3D rendering.

Executive Director Mark Zuckerberg He described Metaverse as a “virtual environment” that you can enter, rather than just looking at it on a screen, and reoriented the company’s business model in the world of futuristic virtual reality, including renaming the company to Goal.

People can meet, work, and play with virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps, or other devices.

Haugen is a former Facebook manager-turned-whistleblower whose testimony about the company’s practices has drawn global attention, and the documents she turned over to authorities and testified before lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic revealed deep-seated problems at the company and accelerated developments. Legislative and regulatory efforts around the world to control big tech companies.

She notes that the social media giant is prioritizing user engagement and growth over online safety.

Haugen, who has also provided a large set of redacted internal documents to a variety of news organizations, claims that Facebook’s systems promote hate and extremism online, fail to protect young people from harmful content, and the company lacks incentives. to solve the problems.

The Haugen documents revealed an internal crisis at the social media giant, which provides free services to 3 billion people, while Zuckerberg dismissed Haugen’s allegations, describing them as a “coordinated campaign” to paint the wrong picture of the company. company.

Officials in Washington and European capitals take Haugen’s allegations seriously, and European Union lawmakers questioned her on Monday, before applauding her at the end of the two-and-a-half-hour session.

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