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Faced with the accusations, the head of Cardano (ADA) comes out of silence

Faced with the accusations, the head of Cardano (ADA) comes out of silence

Hoskinson responds to criticism of Cardano – Cardano It has been the subject of special attention by the crypto ecosystem for several months. However, this is not unanimous and some have even called it … a scam. A situation that did not please its founder, who was quick to respond.

Cardano a scam? Charles Hoskinson goes up to the plate

David hoffman is he co-host from the podcast Bankless, a podcast that primarily deals with Ethereum and its ecosystem. A staunch proponent of Ethereum, he didn’t beat around the bush when the topic of Cardano was mentioned in one of the last episodes of the podcast.

Thus, the latter says that he is very skeptical of Cardano and in particular of the enthusiasm that surrounds the project when it does not yet have a system of smart contract about his mainnet.

“I am very skeptical of Cardano. Cardano doesn’t even have a smart contract or apps. I’m putting it on my skeptical list and will even go so far as to say that Cardano may be a blatant scam. “

Definitely, Cardano currently does not enjoy an ecosystem as rich as Ethereum, but maybe David hoffman went a little too far in calling Cardano a “Blatant scam”.

This slide will not fail to attract the attention of Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano who was quick to react on Twitter:

“It’s extraordinary. Every day a lot of these podcasters get comfortable calling Cardano a ‘shameless scam.’ It’s one thing to say you’re skeptical. It’s another to call us criminals. Here’s the state of crypto in 2021. You understand why how many people want nothing to do with it?

While you wait, Cardano continues its evolution. Blockchain supports multiple assets since the last hard fork dated and smart contract should arrive in the next few months.

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