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'Fake news' about investment in Bitcoin, falsely attributed to El Espectador

‘Fake news’ about investment in Bitcoin, falsely attributed to El Espectador

That medium indicates that the report is false and that it invites Colombians to invest in cryptocurrencies through the company Bitcoin It was.

The Spectator exposes that in the ‘Fake news’ disclose an alleged project of the Ministry of Finance to make money with that cryptocurrency.

The newspaper highlights that the malicious information is titled ‘Colombians are making millions from home using Minister José Manuel Restrepo’s latest project’ and that, in it, criminal hands they duplicated the old website of the medium.

This is what the headline of the false news denied by El Espectador looks like:

Fake News about bitcoin / Via El Espectador.

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As if it were a content aggregation exercise, the fake news appointment to a supposed interview between the journalist Andreína Solórzano and the Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo.

There it is falsely assured that Restrepo helped develop Bitcoin Era with financial experts from the region. The Spectator maintains that the idea is to trick the unwary into investing there.

In the fraudulent article, the author is listed as Camilo AmayaHe does work for that newspaper, but he is a sports journalist for El Espectador, nothing to do with economics or content related to Bitcoin. The newspaper he points out that it is false that he wrote that note.

Likewise, that medium asked readers validate the links of the portals they enter, since the URL of the page that published the irregular content is ‘Comparebrigade today’.