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Famous analyst announces 5 Altcoins that will explode in 2021 • Coinkolik

Famous analyst announces 5 Altcoins that will explode in 2021 • Coinkolik

DataDash founder and crypto analyst Nicholas Merten said that the 2021 super altcoin cycle has started and announced five altcoins that he believes will explode.

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In his new video, Merten is the second largest crypto asset the only EthereumHe claimed that he was following (ETH) closely after leaving the bullish model.

“Here we can see Ethereum cross its resistance line. We have entered another high low with three other high lows that we have here since January 2021. It looks like we have prepared a route to break through all-time highs. “

The crypto strategist also looked at ETH / BTC and highlighted that the parabolic race continues. According to the Merten chart, ETH / BTC can rise from its current value of 0.035 to 0.095.

Another of Merten’s radars crypto money and OMG Network (OMG). The analyst emphasized that OMG / BTC is likely to bottom out and thus appears poised to break through the key resistance level and make big gains.

“After a major drop, OMG / BTC expects to move above the 1500 satoshi range. Now once you pass the endurance section, the next boundary will look like “sky”. We have witnessed how it performed in the past. “

Another crypto on Merten’s list is Oracle’s decentralized Chainlink (LINK) platform. According to Merten, LINK is poised to outperform Bitcoin (BTC).

“Checking Chainlink and increasing the resistance above seems ready to push up. So leave Bitcoin behind and really start the next cycle for Chainlink. “

The fourth crypto on Mertens’ list is Aave. The analyst believes that Aave has bottomed out in the two-month period.

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“I think Aave, one of the bulky DeFi protocols, is now in the right place to start moving forward. The asset has seen a fairly clean 60% pullback. “

The latest crypto Tron (TRX) on the Merten list. Merten expressed the key level at which the pair should rise for a big bullish momentum to take place.

“If we move above this support (0.0000015), which is currently acting as resistance, I can predict that a big bullish momentum will start.”