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Fans are getting very frustrated with Niantic about Vanillite’s catchability


In the land of Pokemon Go, players are not happy. Their frustration stems from the inability to catch the rare Legendary Pokemon Vanillite. The players believe that Vanillite is too hard to catch because the operators made the settings impossible for them. 

Vanillite is an ice-type Pokemon that hails from the Unova region in Pokemon Black and White. The Pokemon was first introduced to the game days before Christmas as part of the winter celebrations. However, its presence is causing a wave of problems. 

Impossible to catch

Based on the trials and tribulations since Vanillite’s release, not even Unibet India would give players great odds of catching this rare Pokemon. Despite being one of the more basic creatures, players are throwing Pokeball after Pokeball and coming up shorts. Berries are not cheap either and even though someone can use countless fruits to reduce the catching difficulty, many are giving up on catching them. Worse, some are just ignoring it altogether.

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It doesn’t help that Vanillite is one of the least popular Pokemon in the game. To get to Vanillite, you start with a Vanillish and evolve it to Vanilluxe before it reaches its final evolution. Still, even for a rare pokemon, it should not be this hard to capture it. 

Going viral

Multiple threads on Reddit have gone viral with this problem. Thousands of upvotes have been uploaded of players complaining about how difficult it is to catch the Pokemon. Some players are accusing Niantic of purposely making the Pokemon hard to catch, so it can be used as a cash grab. Since players are using so many Pokeballs and berries, the theory is that it forces players to purchase more coins to replenish their stock. 

Pokemon Go is not played through a gaming laptop. It requires users to walk around and search for their pokemon. If you don’t want to pay for Pokeballs, you have to visit stops. For those that live in smaller communities, there are only a handful of spots to visit and those spins require cooldowns. In the end, most people likely wouldn’t care about spending so much inventory if the Pokemon was at least a likable one. 

Building frustrations

This is just another wave of frustration seen by players. Earlier in the year, many people were annoyed with the restrictions placed behind locking special edition Pokemon behind paid events. Others were upset with the costumes given to Pikachu. There are also the ridiculous amount of candies that it takes to evolve certain Pokemon. 

For four years, Pokemon Go has tried to expand its brand to keep people playing. However, it seems like year after year something else comes up. Many are happy that the year 2020 is behind them for reasons like the pandemic, loss of sports, etc. The creators at Niantic need to hope that their fans are a lot happier than they were in 2020. With 2021 beginning, maybe their first order of business is to make Vanillite easier to catch.

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