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Ferrari 812 GTS Review | Top Gear


You may be looking at the end of the era. The Ferrari 812 GTS shark nose has a 6.5-liter V12 engine, no turbo, and as a result can spin up to nearly 9,000 rpm.Has already received the highest certification ever from the regular protagonist 812 super fast, When “normal” is a term related to cars like these. Not only is it fascinating in its noise and delivery, it is also a work of art to see.

Will a naturally aspirated V12 live in Ferrari without turbo or electrical assistance? only time will tell. Let’s enjoy this roofless 812 like the last application and enjoy all the brilliant sounds that the 12-cylinder masterpiece has pushed to the front.

The 812 GTS is new in one or more points. Previously, the convertible version of Ferrari’s V12 GT car was a limited edition special. Consider the 550 Barchetta. Floppy canvas only helps keep your seat dry while parking. Or, the 575M Super America is a complex flipping Targa top with a rear proportion that is “curious.”

More recently, there is the 599 SA Aperta. However, following the 599 GTB, the F12 berlinetta has never been treated as a drop-top outside of Ferrari’s special project division, making it Ferrari’s first V12 roadster in 10 years. And for the first time since the Daytona Spider in 1971, its production is limited only by demand.

6.5 liters is exactly what you see at ultra-fast: 789bhp and 529lb ft drive the rear wheels through a witty 7-speed paddle shift gearbox and the entire suite of electronic systems, such a bomber figure Guarantees that it is really usable on the road. Some of them, what Ferrari calls a “virtual short wheelbase,” are known as four-wheel steering. The key numbers are sub 3.0 seconds to 62 mph, 8.3 seconds to 124 mph, and the top speed is 211 mph.

The roof is a foldable metal item that is close to the delicate setup you will find F8 spider It keeps the 812 line almost intact than those Apertas and’Americas. It’s easy to find without the rear quarter light window and the omnipotent buttress, but “designed to visually embody the sense of forward thrust,” says Ferrari. In case you are unreasonably worried that your forward thrust may be short.

It all folds up and down in 14 seconds and works with movements less than 30mph.Neither is the class leader – think about how fast you can reach To accelerate 14 seconds – But when you see the mechanism working, you’ll be amazed at how it works on the move. It’s much more theatrical than its rivals’ system, and it’s highly recommended to do it in a stationary state so that you can enjoy the show. There is also a mandatory “noise window”. This is GTS’s cool rear screen that can be dropped down when the roof is intact. Gives you all the noise, even when the weather is bad.

There was also an important mess in places you might not think you were looking at. The redesigned rear diffuser helps match the GTS aerodynamics with the Superfast aerodynamics. Meanwhile, technology borrowed from LaFerrari Perta eradicates eddy in the cabin. Create an outwash in the speed field just above the rear screen. So now you know. Time to see if everything works …

Photo: Greg Paho

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