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FGO Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest “Valentine 2021 (San Valentino)” screenshots and rewards summarized. Check out Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest enemy formations that are updated daily, tips to increase the number of knocks, and recommended party formations.

Summary of Valentine’s 2021 strategy

Bitter Shadow Challenge Mission List

Strategy for the last challenge of the bitter shadow

Formation of the enemy of missions and opening hours

What is Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest?

New mission introduced live

It takes place every day at the Valentine 2021 event


In the challenge quest that is done, unlike the conventional quest, an enemy will appear as soon as the enemy is defeated.The reward you get depends on how many horses you have defeated in a given turn.

The rewards are event points and QP

To earn God Love points efficiently, you are the key to the event.I want to be able to defeat as many enemies as possible

You can only challenge for 3 turns.

Only 3 turns can be challenged for each mission. In other words, destroy up to 27 bodies.

Dedicated Master Skills are now available

Screenshot 2021-02-09 18.57.51

In the challenge mission, the exclusive master ability “God Bazooka” will be cast. You can debuff a single enemy once per turn. It seems like the magnification is quite high, so let’s use it roughly.

ability effect
God cartridge
God Bazooka
“Reduce the defense power of a single enemy (1 turn) and reduce the attack resistance of the treasure (1 turn) and reduce the resistance to fast attack (1 turn) and reduce the resistance to attack Arts (1 turn) and reduce Buster Attack Resistance (1 turn) Give Status

Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest Strategy Tips

At the moment, we are going to equip the dot increase dress[[Major premise

White garden 2

The effect of the point increase dress will be added, so try to accumulate the point increase dress as much as possible.Honestly, it is more efficient to defeat everything you can by increasing the score increase dress rather than increasing the number of losses.So, let’s equip it within the range that it doesn’t interfere with the turn.

Bitter Shadow Challenge efficiency information

Show by touch

It is recommended to destroy it with all the treasures.

Gil Treasure 2

The enemy will appear as soon as he is defeated,It is recommended to hit all the treasure anyway... We would like to support the ongoing treasure hunt in Paracelsus, Arash, and Chen Gong, with a system attacker who can easily adopt multiple special attack dresses as the primary.

However, the enemy’s HP is quite high, so I would like to hire an attacker in the advantageous class.

You can also use command spells.

Movie recording

If you can only challenge once a day, you can charge the NP with a command spell. For example, even if the attacker is dressed in a formal outfit like the Black Holy Grail that does not have an NP charge, the treasure can be used immediately. Also, you can go back to using more treasures when you have a twist left at the end, soLet’s use the damn command not to quit

Defeating 27 corps is difficult without considerable strength

3 × 3 × 3 = 27 is the maximum number of losses, but it takes a lot of strength to achieve it. Only event points and QP can be defeated, so there is no need to train the servants or increase the clothing level to increase the number of defeats.

You can increase the number of losses as much as you can, so aim for the organization that you think you can defeat the most.

Recommended servant

Bitter Shadow Challenge Quest General Purpose Strategic Organization

Clear organization recommended

Of each missionTactics to reuse advantageous attackers from the class system.. On days when Nitocris is at a disadvantage in class, it is recommended to take Emiya or Limbo with you.

Recommended transparent training 2

A formation in which Chen Gong and two attackers from the system repeatedly hit treasures. It is recommended that each attacker be equipped with a formal dress that can hit the treasure.

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