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FIFA 22, the misunderstanding of custom lines

FIFA 22, the misunderstanding of custom lines

Reddit and social networks swept away. The latest idea from Electronic Arts seems to have not been to the liking of all or almost all players of Fifa 22 and Ultimate Team. At the center of the controversy, in fact, is the customization of the game rectangle.

A problem pending resolution

One of the peculiarities of Ultimate Team is precisely the customization of its stadium. Initially introduced in Fifa 21, the developers have decided to confirm this feature also for the chapter of the saga released last September. Players can decide to color the lines that trace the field. From classic white, you can move on to the most extravagant green. During the game, therefore, it becomes difficult to distinguish the game rectangle in all its facets. A long-standing problem for which EA Sports is looking for a solution. In this sense, a patch that will be released in the next few days should be sufficient.

The FIFA 21 case

However, in Fifa 21 there was no room for any misunderstandings: the visiting player, regardless of customization, had the white lines by default. The cards on the table with Fifa 22 have changed considerably and, as often happens in competitive games, the most incorrect players are using this exploit to confuse the ideas of their opponents and guarantee themselves a fair advantage. There are also testimonials entrusted to Reddit of colorblind users who are struggling and not a little from this point of view.