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Final budget 2020 Guastalla City Council: investments for more than three million euros


During the last City Council, the councilor Chiara Lanzoni presented the final balance sheet 2020 or the deed that informs the City Council (and the community) of how the public resources available to the Municipality are used, how the city is managed and the decisions made by municipal administrators.

The main investment expenses can be summarized in a few guiding principles:

  • heritage maintenance, that is, extraordinary maintenance of municipally owned buildings used by citizens (places of culture and public functions, sports heritage, school buildings, roads)
  • Sustainable mobility, that is, investments to create cycling and pedestrian routes and giving people the opportunity to move sustainably in small urban displacements.
  • environment, that is, management of vegetation and trees, implementation, care and management of plant heritage, control of the correct delivery of waste and contrast with its abandonment
  • recovery of buildings damaged by the earthquake.

“I think it is important to underline – specifies the commissioner Lanzoni – that all the collection of urbanization costs, or similar income, was used for investments, for an amount that exceeds € 2,200,000. None of this income was used for current expenses and this is undoubtedly an element of virtuosity on our balance sheet. In 2020 we contracted works for about 3 million euros and as an investment expense we also used regional and state financing, demonstrating in the field a great planning capacity in the search for external resources without overloading the municipal budget. As for the damage caused by the earthquake, we recently left the ‘crater’, which is the area affected by the 2012 earthquake, as established by the Ordinance of March 17, 2021 signed by the president of the Emilia-Romagna region and commissioner for reconstruction Stefano Bonaccini. Today, only 15 municipalities of the initial 60 remain in the crater. This is undoubtedly a positive figure, because it means that what began in 2014 when our Administration began to work has been accomplished and has been completed. The San Girolamo club, the Palazzo Frattini, the old Civil Hospital and the old church of San Carlo remain to be completed this year ”.


Adaptation of school buildings to anticovid standards [70.000,00 € finanziamento statale]

Purchase of furniture, arrangement of classrooms in the San Martino gymnasium, arrangement of dining rooms in some classrooms of the primary school in the center, creation of so-called ‘bubbles’ for classes in the different schools with the construction of sidewalks, gravel areas, etc.

To allow the return to school in September 2020 and to be able to resume the activities suspended after the health emergency related to the SARSCoV-2 pandemic, it was necessary to carry out some works, in addition to the purchase of furniture, to transform some spaces within the buildings school and turn them into classrooms. For this, the Guastalla City Council was the beneficiary of the financial contribution of € 70,000.00 (the adaptation and furniture expenses are partly included in the financed financial framework and partly with complementary funds from the City Council).

The buildings affected by the intervention belong to the Ferrante Gonzaga Integral Institute: Centro Elementary School, Pieve Elementary School, San Martino Elementary School, First Grade High School.

Outdoor spaces and patio areas: for all school complexes, the methods of entering / leaving students have been rethought, taking advantage of all existing accesses and differentiating the traffic flows of students within the building.

In September 2020, all the children returned to school, in the classroom, without any particular disorder thanks to the size of the school buildings and the interventions put in place that allowed the classrooms to be organized ensuring spacing without substantial changes.

Maintenance of middle schools and other school buildings [52.000€ e 28.000€]

Complementary works to the seismic improvement works and adaptation of the plant (remodeling of external and internal painting in the middle school, where leaks in the heating system were also fixed, installation of the fiber optic cable in the elementary school of the center and in Pieve, Iride Nest and secondary, disabled toilet in San Martino)

Extraordinary public works of ecological maintenance and environmental remodeling [225.000€]

Maintenance work on the Viale Lido Po bike lane, € 26,910

Repair of the bridge bank through Po Crostolina Post-flood damage € 24,000

Safety works on the municipal road network in viale Lido PO, public parking in viale Lido Po and consolidation of the “Vecchia Crostolina” cable cliffs

Arrangement of moving and docking of branches € 7,500

Public green maintenance € 120,000.00

In addition to the extraordinary interventions of mowing and pruning and green management, the municipal administration has carried out the planting of 140 new trees. In part, these are tree replacements removed last year because they were diseased, while others have recently been planted and placed, in particular, planted.

The Municipality has also adhered to the regional project “Let’s put down roots for the future” as well as Law no. 113 of January 29, 1992 “One tree for each newborn.” This led to the creation of the wood “A tree for each born”, in compliance with current legislation, in the public area located in via Papa Giovanni XXIII behind the Arcobaleno kindergarten, by planting 100 seedlings of various autochthonous essences , equal in number to the one hundred children born in 2019.

Maintenance and purchase of children’s equipment and games € 51,000

A part destined to the San Giorgio park (the new games were installed in December) and a part to San Rocco (installed in the first months of 2021). We wanted to invest in two green areas that are very popular with families with children, in residential areas outside the center and we have added new tables with benches in San Giorgio and Baccanello parks ”.

Maintenance, construction and recovery of the road network and bicycle lanes [1.026.000€]

White roads € 23,629

Road narrowings € 12,000

Urban cycle and pedestrian network project € 431,333 (the rest in 2019 for a total of € 650,000)

They are part of a project linked to sustainable mobility and road safety, in fact, together with the bike lanes we are making several safe crossings ”.

Various asphalt € 322,500

Our Administration has decided to invest a good € 300,000 in roads in 2020, for the reconstruction of deteriorated roads and sidewalks located within the municipal term. The work consists of an extraordinary maintenance and paving of roads. Most of the works have been carried out, others have been postponed to spring for weather reasons. So even the roads through which we still have to intervene have already financed and outsourced the intervention and we will resume it shortly ”.

Reinforcement of the pedestrian walkway over the railway overpass 120,000 + 116,600

Recovery of the social center S. Girolamo [135.000,00 €]

Post-earthquake funds: local repair and reinforcement work, roofing, masonry crack repair with fiberglass laying, floor reinforcement

Restoration of Palazzo Frattini [221.000,00 €]

Post-earthquake funds, repairs and local reinforcement of attic floors and roof with inerting of asbestos present

Maintenance center I Maggio [57.000,00 €]

Rehabilitation of gym floors and extraordinary maintenance of roofs.

Maintenance of the municipal theater [53.000€ ]

Completion of the regulatory adaptation of the electrical system, purchase of winches for the stage and extraordinary maintenance of the roof

Cemetery maintenance [70.000€]

Extraordinary maintenance of roofs, exhumations and exhumations, regulatory adaptation of the electrical system of cemeteries

Maintenance of sports facilities [49.000€ ]

Completion of the athletics ring grandstand, purchase of an athletics mattress, remodeling of the athletics ring irrigation system

Extraordinary maintenance of the municipal headquarters [34.000,00 €]

Repair of accessories, implementation of wired networks, construction of a fire alarm system on the ground floor.

Various other building maintenance [64.000,00 € ]

Repair of the heating system of the VVFF headquarters, replacement of the automatic door motors of the VVFF headquarters, installation of electrical panels for events in Piazza Repubblica and Piazza Mazzini.

Purchase of movable property (furniture, stage, software) [93.000€]
Multiple project assignments [94.000€ ]

Commission for the feasibility study of the outdoor car park of the sports area via Sacco and Vanzetti, design and reinforcement of the railway bridge

Homework to check the school floors

Commission for the study of mobility and parking in the historic center € 30,000

We present the start of activities at the end of February, then immediately the engineering in charge began with the first surveys in the field related to signaling and architectural barriers. The mobility system in urban areas is strategic for the operation of any city and has a strong impact on quality and habitability. The impact of mobility and parking, in fact, affects not only land occupation but also other aspects related to environmental quality. The objectives of the municipal administration: “improve accessibility to the historic center and viability in terms of sustainability, rationalize, improve the parking system, overcome architectural barriers, also involving and listening to citizens and economic categories.”

Automatic traffic and access surveys will be launched in May, as well as manual bicycle counting and parking surveys.

Construction of sports halls [230.000€ ]

These are the recently activated expenses related to the 2020 budget

(150,000 for the square in front of the building’s entrance)

Restriction for Palazzetto (in the 2021 annuity) [785.000€]

“The administrative machine – concludes Lanzoni – despite the objective difficulties linked to the pandemic that characterized all of 2020, it has never stopped. I take this opportunity to thank my colleagues from the council, the mayor, councilors, officials, the general secretary, all employees, without exception, for the work done ”.

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