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FINAL FANTASY 14 gets more housing plans in future patches

FINAL FANTASY 14 gets more housing plans in future patches

FINAL FANTASY 14 is Get more residential lots Because Square Enix is ​​trying to fix the housing shortage in online role-playing games.

Three more residential areas will open in four districts, completing the plot. This will add 720 plots per server. Unlike Last batch of new residential parcels, These are not limited to relocations and freelance companies, but will be readily available to individual players.

Players who buy a home or move their current home to a larger or better parcel need to have the necessary gil on hand. You also need to be able to log in immediately when the server starts with patch 5.35. The exact date and time of the patch release has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be seen in the coming weeks.

Housing Final Fantasy 14 It was always a hassle. To get one of the limited parcels on the server, you have to wait for additional words to be added or camp the recently abandoned parcel. When the plot is abandoned, it gets an invisible timer and prevents players from buying a house until the timer expires. This was added to make it harder to sell a home for real money, but prospective homebuyers wait hours there because they want their buying attempts to go on. I was forced to click on spam. There are reports that the timer for the residential area does not expire for more than 24 hours, making the waiting game especially brutal.

Own a house in FINAL FANTASY 14 Does not offer any real gameplay benefits other than giving the character a home base to decorate and provide furniture for fun.