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Finally solved the problem of friends sticking to the top of the new version of the detailed WeChat experience: Tencent WeChat


The new version of WeChat is here. The Android version of WeChat finally uses a feature that has been updated long ago in the iOS version. In addition, it also brings video cover and translation while writing. Come and look. Friends and focused groups should be at the top, but too many friends at the top cause confusion. Well now, when you have more than 10 top friends on WeChat, the message “Fold Top Chat” will automatically appear, and you can fold and store the top chat after clicking.


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Sticky friends fold, the interface is more refreshing

However, when the user’s primary chat group is set to do not disturb, it will not collapse for storage.

Figure 1 Collapsible Top Talk Figure 2 Collapsible Storage Effect

Do you have so many accounts? Supports more accounts to switch quickly

In the old version of WeChat, only two WeChat accounts could change quickly, but in the new version, the number increased to five. So here comes the question, do you have five WeChat accounts? Also, this function is only for quick switch, not simultaneous login. The messages of these numbers cannot be received at the same time, only the messages of the current login number can be received, which is only to help the user to bypass the login pass and switch accounts quickly.

Figure 3 WeChat ID Change

Moments cover support video What do you think of a wonderful video?

Since WeChat Status supports video, it has been used to play games for netizens. This is not the cover of Moments. It is also ready to support video. In addition to directly selecting the video locally, it also supports selecting the video from the video number. The editor immediately recalled the video that gave his avatar an approval action. That? Did you update WeChat to the new version and did not find this feature? Yes, this feature is not currently open to all members, and it is still in a trial state, and the video cover set must have the video cover feature to see the dynamic effect.

The current length of the video cover video is up to 30 seconds and users can download from “Mobile phoneChoose a video from “Album, WeChat video number, snapshot, photographer’s job.”

Figure 4 Video cover

Translating as you type makes communication easier

When dealing with foreigners, text communication is unavoidable. The new version of WeChat supports the “write while translating” feature. What does it mean? The new version of WeChat allows users to enter Chinese into the input box, and WeChat will translate it intelligently. to users The specified language is displayed in the candidates area. When the user presses the use button, the translated language text can be sent. This function can be activated by long pressing the input box, the current translation effect is still a bit blunt.

For WeChat that does not have the translation function as you type, you can try to send more than three English sentences in a row in the chat dialog, and then the translation function will appear as you type. Similarly, this feature is in a trial state and is not open to all personnel.

Currently, the translation-while-typing feature supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. It will determine the input text based on the text in the input box when the user activates the “write while translating” function, and the user can select the output text.

Figure 5 Open and translate as you type

Figure 6 Translatable languages


How, which feature of the new version of WeChat appealed to you? The editor thinks it is a video cover feature. You can watch all kinds of wonderful videos from your friends, which is pretty cool. Don’t forget to share any attractive videos you have.

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