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Fiorentina-Inter, Barella and Perisic yield first place to Conte

L ‘Bury one night at the top of the table, the Nerazzurri stretch the Fiorentina with a clear 0-2 and momentarily skip the Milan, waiting for me to take the field against him Crotone a San Siro.

Photo by Claudio Giovannini / Ansa

Party dominated by the team of Conte, who holds the field well and hits at key moments of the game, breaking the deadlock in the first half with Stretcher and closing the games on the restart with Perisic. Purples never give the feeling of being able to care Handanovic, which closes the fourth consecutive game with a clean sheet.

Mo-The waning

Photo by Claudio Giovannini / Ansa

On a night in cuin Lukaku and Lautaro (started from the bench) do not bite, the midfielder is in charge of removing the chestnuts from the fire Antonio Conte. Stretcher me Perisic put the result at 0-2 and certifies the possibility that the Nerazzurri can dispense with the goals of their forwards, who remained dry in Francs. This is the fifth game this season in which theBury win even without the stamp of Lukaku, A fact that underlines the ability of the Nerazzurri to find their way to the net even without going through their own striker.

Fiorentina ‘poor’

Photo by Claudio Giovannini / Ansa

For a ‘Bury rich in talent, there is one Fiorentina under danger. The purple players never put the Nerazzurri defense in difficulties, confirming their inability to go to the net. Only 21 goals have been scored this season, a meager tally that underscores how the team Prandelli it does not build offensive actions. The absences of Ribéry and Castrovilli they certainly weighed, but the numbers are nonetheless ruthless: of course, an investment is urgently needed to avoid the Fiorentina get tangled up in the quicksand of the drop zone.

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