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Firefox: Repair update removes cause of crash - PC-WELT

Firefox: Repair update removes cause of crash – PC-WELT

Mozilla Firefox users can download Firefox 95.0.2. The update removes one of the causes of the crash.

Update 20.12.:

With Firefox 95.0.2, Mozilla released another fix update just days after Firefox 95.0.1 was released (see below). According to the

Release notes
Firefox 95.0.2 fixes exactly one problem that should also affect only a few users: users who still use a PC with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and in which a CPU “Bobcat” (the English word Bobcat means “lynx” ) installed by AMD, had to experience that the browser crashed. With Firefox 95.0.2 that should now be a thing of the past. AMD has this

Bobcat processors in 2011

As usual, Firefox offers you this update as part of its built-in automatic update feature. All you have to do is restart your browser after installing the update.

End of update


From the original report of December 17:

Mozilla has released the first Firefox 95.0.1 fix update for Firefox 95. The bug fix release fixes some bugs in the Windows and Linux versions of Firefox 95.

Mozilla Concise Changelog for Firefox 95

can be read here.
There you will also find links to pages with more information. Sören Hentzschel, Mozilla and Firefox Expert, Explains Bug Fixes

on his blog
but a little more complete than in the official changelog.

The first bug fixed occurred when opening multiple pages on Instead of the page, only the error message “MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_OCSP_RESPONSE_FOR_CERT_MISSING” appeared. This was caused by a server-side configuration change that was not supported by Mozilla’s NSS library. Mozilla has now changed that.

Another WebRender related bug caused a crash on certain Linux / X11 systems. The browser could also crash on Windows when closed. Both problems that have different causes. should be a thing of the past with this update.

Linux users who turned on dark mode in the operating system had contrast issues with websites. That should now also be fixed.

Firefox 95 was a major update, especially from a security perspective. This article reports on all the innovations: Firefox 95 brings new protection features.


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