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First of all, the best brawler in a brow star.


Brawl Stars Best Brawlers: Check out our fully curated list of best brawlers to win the match early and easily.

Brawl Stars is a pretty confusing game at first. It can also be very annoying to players, especially when they continue to be stabbed by big-name rioters they don’t have. So this is our first guide to Brollstar’s Best Brollers. They make your journey so easy and relaxing early on.

The best brawler in Browster: Trophy Road Brawlers.

Before suggesting which brawlers to use, we divided them into two groups.

I’m sure I got on the trophy road. Because these are fixed to all, you can suggest to anyone. On the trophy road Sherry At 0 you get Nita At 10 o’clock Colt 60 and Bull With 250 trophies. Later, you too Jesse At 500, Brock won 1000 trophies.

Of these, stick to Nita or Sherry only until you don’t have one Colt.. Colt’s revolver is deadly, so be sure to use him the moment you pick it up. His health is low, but his shots are very powerful. Therefore, even two nice connections can defeat the enemy. Use automatic aiming to kill enemies with Colt early on. However, it is advisable to switch to Jesse As soon as you get her. Her super cannon can be a big bonus to get you out of a tough situation right from the start. Her shot is also deadly.

Avoid use block Bull if possible. Both are good, but they have their limitations. Bull, for example, is very good at attacking and defending, but novices can’t use his super effectively. Block rockets are also powerful, but AoEs are so small that they are often overlooked.

Uncertain reward.

These are brawlers that you may not be able to get at the same time. They differ from person to person and you will get them from gift boxes and seasonal rewards.

However, in most cases cousin Quite early. If so, try him as soon as possible. He may be the easiest to get started. El Primo has the highest hit points of all the fighters in the game and has a very strong punch. So, early on, all you really need to do is run up to your enemies and slam them. In most cases, your extra health will help you win.

If Primo is not available, his best alternative is Rosa.. She is like a female El Primo. She has a slightly weaker hit point, but has a longer punch reach and a stronger hit. Overall, she’s perfect for crushing and grabbing early.

Finally, the last choice is barley.. This Robot Battler is one of the best attackers in the game. His splash radius is so large and his range is so long that new players have a hard time facing him. All you have to do is hide behind the wall, throw a bottle of acid at your opponent and watch them die.

Most of you have at least one of these within a few hours of playing the game. So you don’t have to worry about others. Use one of the three you got.


It should also be mentioned here that these suggestions were primarily designed with beginners in mind. It’s a good way for them to join and enjoy the game.

However, as the number of certain trophies (such as 150-250) increases with each Browler, the simple tactics above will be less effective. Future players will know what they are doing. So if that happens, it’s a good idea to stick to the fighter that suits you and improve as much as possible.

To help with that, we have a more detailed and less casual guide here How to play a melee star? A quick guide for beginners.

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