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Five Best CS:GO Teams

On a daily basis, the popularity of the Counter Strike Global Offensive is making waves and so it’s intended market is gaining ground. However, in respect to the popularity of this gaming world, the attribute of the price that follows the champion cannot be overly emphasized.

As the anticipation of the North American against European team fiasco keeps bulging up every day, so is the Blast premier Fall – 2020 rise in fame and despite the fact that the matches within the framework of group “B” at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season tournament have not yet come to their logical conclusion, representatives of Vitality who have been marginally picked among the best have already secured their way to the final stage.

The French team beat BIG with a score of 2: 0 and advanced to the grand final of the group stage and still will be facing GSG9 as the strong favorite according to Sportsbookreview with +300 odds to win.

But as the Blast premier Fall – 2020 winds-up, it is the best time to lay the ground for the current best team in the CS:GO world and below are the current top ten teams in the world.

Team Furia

Furia’s position as Brazil’s top team is a reference to its rise in worldwide ranking. The Furia’s roster is successful both off the back of an aggressive default that moves fluidly to plug defensive gaps while taking full merit of offensive opportunities the moment they appear.

That aggression is placed on Andrei “arT” Piovezan, who takes his role a little bit too seriously. He’s statistically the most aggressive CSGO player in 2020. arT leads all players in opening duel attempts at a total of 36.5%.

But a breakdown shows that arT gets a kill nearly 50% of the time when involved in CT opening duels. This defensive stats is encouraged by arT entry potential, where arT makes the first move on the T side 43% with a success rate of 45%.

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More so, wins against both of North America’s other top teams in Liquid and EG are the result of continued evolution from team Furia as they once challenged the two giants previously, but its now , Team Furia is now a proven threat. With Liquid’s adjustment period pointing towards a short-term downward trend, it’s possible that FURIA will overtake them until Grim settles in.

Natus Vincere

Similar to G2, Na`Vi essentially works best in high-stakes environments where the roster feels everything on the line. Stats have already pointed out that s1mple is almost certainly the best CSGO player without looking at his team’s performances.

His K/D ratio beats 2019’s player of the year Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, to whom s1mple is often compared. But even though Na`Vi plays their matches with its players in the same room, s1mple has been unable to generate the hype seen from Na`Vi after it won IEM Katowice 2020.

Also, Na’vi have shown that even outside of what the statistics show, they have issues. It is clear Na`Vi’s spacing was mishandled during a whiffed spray during ESL One Cologne 2020 even without a statistical reference. But if Kirill “boombl4” Mikhailov can find a way to lead in-game and Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy manages to bring his strong play to the upper levels of CSGO, Na`Vi can rise going forward.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid have been slightly unpredictable over the coming weeks but just as the team found success after bringing a new coach and an aggressive player on board to beat Astralis in 2019, Team Liquid has been pushing a little too hard this year with Grim’s extensive online experience.

In Liquid’s return to LAN, fans saw poor performances from Grim similar to what teammate Russell “Twistzz” Van Dulken showed early in his transition to live play at the top level. But the team’s overall outlook trends higher the further it gets from the roster move, which signifies Team Liquid could hit a new stride during either IEM New York Online or BLAST’s Fall series two weeks afterward.

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BIG Clan

Silently, team BIG has become a solid team across the board, and its map has done so by burying itself in CS:GO. The team has played 188 maps in 2020 against all tiers of competition. But to place at number three takes more than beating up on less impressive teams and going average against the good ones.

Against teams whose average rank is within a top-ten range, BIG leads all teams in kill-to-death differential with +245 and is tied with Astralis in K/D with a 1.06, just behind Complexity’s 1.08.

Team BIG is a reference of practice makes perfect and will surpass their map total from 2019 by the end of November on top of a current run which includes a 17-map win streak over the month of June. BIG’s current scoreline is 130-58, and it’s not just made up of online wins either.

Although many won’t hear Team BIG mentioned most times in talks about CSGO’s best teams, a sneaky top-five team is more dangerous than a team everyone knows is among the best.

Evil Geniuses

The evil geniuses have firstly proven times without number that they can beat any team in the world given the right circumstances and secondly, they’re roster is very good at creating the circumstances needed to defeat any team.

Since May 29, Evil Geniuses has played 52 times and depicts an impressive 39/1/12 line. Hell is the team’s playground, countering a common map in best-of-three series and has earned an 86.7% win rate on CS: GO’s popular roster where it has gone 13-2 in that period. Evil Geniuses members are equally proficient on roster; they don’t play as often, as shown by their 5-1 series score on Train.

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More so, the fundamental improvement of Evil Geniuses will continue as the CSGO world returns to LAN play by December. Evil Geniuses is however going to get better as it locks down the solid, foundational structure that Stanislaw and Zews have agreed upon.


Astralis have picked up a massive 90% of rounds if it scored the first kill. Across all maps, Astralis doesn’t have a first kill win percentage above 79.2% all-time. But something is different about this Astralis, and that something is es3tag’s offensive prowess. Es3tag is ranked second in the past month in T side opening duel success rates and gets the frag at a rate of 66.7%. This powerful star opens up the map for the rest of the Danish veterans to take control of the map and lock down an offensive round win in the favor of a traditionally CT-sided team.

More so, Astralis isn’t picky about when es3tag goes for an opening duel. Es3tag has the 11th most attempts and is one of three players with positive ratings for those attempts since September 1.

Train’s role here is important as well. Astralis has already played Train 17 times in 2020 after playing it only 18 total times in 2019. The team is altering its map pool, and it’s doing so either in anticipation of a competitive pool shakeup or to keep its opponents on their toes. But with es3tag taking on a role Astralis lacked but never needed in order to win, there is a solid chance that es3tag will continue to play or rotate in going forward. That’s a scary proposition.