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Fixed critical vulnerabilities in Android

Fixed critical vulnerabilities in Android

Google patched a total of 39 Android vulnerabilities by March patch day. There are also two system updates from Google Play. The manufacturer also distributes updates for Pixel smartphones.

The highest-risk vulnerability affects the Android 12 privilege system, which allows remote attackers to escalate privileges without requesting elevated privileges. This succeeds without any user interaction (CVE-2021-39708, critical).

The 2022-03-01 patch level updates also include six high-risk vulnerabilities in the Android framework, a high-risk information leak in the media framework, nine other high-risk vulnerabilities in the Android system in addition to the critical, and a medium risk Android runtime vulnerability. The Google Play system update also fixes security-related bugs in media codecs.

Broader patch level 2022-03-05 adds fixes for two critical and five high risk vulnerabilities in Qualcomm closed source components, one high risk vulnerability in Android framework, five high risk vulnerabilities in components of the kernel, three high-risk vulnerabilities in Mediatek components, five high-risk vulnerabilities in Qualcomm components in general, and a Google Play system update related to the permissions handler. provides gap details Google on Android Security Bulletin March 2022.

The manufacturer adds for Google Pixel smartphones 41 more security updates. Of these, 26 breaches are in the “pixel” category, of which six are critical, five are high risk, and 15 are medium risk. 13 medium severity vulnerabilities affect the kernel and two medium severity vulnerabilities affect Qalcomm components.

Android users should check their smartphones and tablets to see if the device manufacturer already offers the updates.


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