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Fleet: Twitter Announces Tweet Tool That Disappears Worldwide | Twitter

Twitter has released a new feature called “Fleet” around the world. Similar to the story feature on Snapchat and Instagram, tweets disappear after 24 hours.

Twitter used to have these temporary tweets, what’s called a “fleet,” and Tested functionality in Brazil, Italy, India, South Korea.

Twitter design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Haveson said: Blog post.

“Because it disappears from view after a day, the fleet has made it more comfortable for people to share their personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.”

Some Twitter users who are experimenting with this tool say they have created a worrying opportunity for online harassment, such as allowing unwanted direct messages. Fleet authors were also able to tag those who blocked them. Twitter has heard feedback and said it is working to correct such safety concerns.

The fleet can contain text, photos, and videos. These appear at the top of the user’s home timeline in Twitter and the sender’s profile.

Twitter and other social media companies are under pressure to improve police abuse and false alarms of the virus. Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelly said the fleet follows the same rules as tweets.

Kelly said warnings and labels that Twitter began to apply to content such as manipulated media and civil processes and false information about Covid-19 could apply to the fleet.

Twitter also confirmed that it is working on a live audio feature called Spaces. This feature allows users to speak in public group conversations. Similar to Clubhouse, a social platform that uses voice chat rooms.

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“Given all the potential for abuse in the audio space, we will first make it available to women and the historically marginalized community,” Kelly said.

Earlier this year, Twitter launched the ability for users to tweet recorded voice memos.