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Flight Sim Airplane Mode gets October release date

Flight Sim Airplane Mode gets October release date

AMC Games’ Airplane mode — — Microsoft Flight Simulator For the rest of us -It is coming Mac And Windows PC on October 15th. When AMC Games said this was “the most realistic flight simulator ever created,” the company meant it. Who do you think Microsoft thinks of us anyway? Skilled airline pilot? Not a chance! Airplane mode We all understand that we are adults and children and we need to let our flight attendants know where the seat outlets are. Every time I fly.

From the developer Backronym Games Airplane mode Entertain players on a 2- or 6-hour flight from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, or Reykjavik in Iceland. AMC Games released a live-action trailer that you can watch above on Thursday.

And the developer thought about everything. A crying baby? Yes you have it. Meal services? of course. In-flight safety video created by IFC? Yeah, that too. Do you think there is no risk of delay? Not a chance!

In a news release on Thursday, AMC Games said Airplane mode It features a host of content that players can enjoy while in their seats. Of course, there is a magazine called Stratocaster. There you can read things and play Sudoku. Don’t forget your cell phone charger. Surrounding music podcasts Musician and game developer Noah Sasso.. Other exclusive podcasts will also appear — but they haven’t been announced yet. However, if you have problems with Wi-Fi on board, listen to them and do your best.

“Experience what could be the most challenging video game you’ve ever played,” the developer wrote in a news release. “Do you experience the peace of mind of being separated from the outside world? Or does the wristless turn out to be your last boss battle?”

To be honest, I feel like it can go in either direction. Airplane mode Released for Mac and Windows PC costs $ 11.99 On Steam..