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Florian Sotoca: "We get caught up in the game ..."

Florian Sotoca: “We get caught up in the game …”

The goal of keeping quickly acquired, the players of the RC lens he was hoping to eat the icing on the cake by winning a totally unexpected European qualification at the start of the season. He only missed 2 small points to win it.

Even if they were dominated against Monaco (0-0) this Sunday, the Lensois He didn’t stray that far from qualifying, which could have happened on a big shot or two in the last half hour. The attacker Florian Sotoca comments:

« There was a lot of disappointment in the dressing room because we were caught in the game. Unfortunately we don’t qualify, but we can keep our heads up. We had a peak season. In the last 4 games, we have not managed to score points and at the end we are missing 2. We see being disappointed the first 2 or 3 days and then things will improve during the holidays. We met a great team from Monaco. We went through a lot, but we stayed strong in our frame of mind and we can be proud of our match. Not scoring a goal for this team is already a performance and we can even win. It is not played in this game. We regret the previous matches in which we could not impose our game. »

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