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Flubot Malware Targets Android with Fake Security Updates

Flubot Malware Targets Android with Fake Security Updates

Flubot malware is once again infecting the phones of Android users around the world. Now, the malware has found a new way to access user devices. A month ago, New Zealand-based security company Trend Micro, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), found it dangerous Fluboat malware Consumers are warned to come back in another new way. A text message with the name of a package is coming to attract mobile device users. After users click the link, they get another great message.

A warning that your mobile device / computer is infected with the dangerous Fluboat malware. In fact, it is similar to Google Chrome’s red alert screen that broadcasts a dangerous safe browsing message. Click here to see the “Install the Android security update to remove the Fluboat malware” message.

Fluboat Malware Users download the Fluboat virus on their smartphone instead of updating the actual security to remove the malware. After accessing their mobile phones under the name Security Update, Flobot provides internet banking, app-based banking, digital payments, email, Twitter, and all this information to the malware-infected cybercriminal. Also, send it to other people through your phone contact. (Read: Have you downloaded the Digital Health ID card?)

Here’s how to put one together to use with your flubote.
Don’t click on the popup that appears on your screen to save yourself from this awkward Flubot. Applications that enter through other links are not secure. Tech experts say you should never open links just because you know someone sent you. If the download is done by mistake, the mobile must be factory reset immediately.

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