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Foldable smartphone support and Android 12.1 leaks likely to evolve | Gizmodo Japan


After all, that meansPixel Fold is about to be announced

The official release of Android 12Maybe soonAt this time, information about the leak about the next update came out. According to that informationA patch for Android 12 will be released early, and various functions will be added for foldable smartphones.It seems to be done.

Minor updates have been modest for Android in recent years, so the information is a bit surprising as there are big patches coming out after the release of Android 12. I’m not sure what the name of this supposed update will be, so for the moment, they all said: “Android 12.1I call him.

I got pretty detailed information on Android 12.1.XDA DevelopersAccording to him, this version is packed with new features and updates for folding smartphones, especially for larger sizes like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. On XDAAndroid 12.1 launch time is the same as Google’s foldable PixelI hope so.

The biggest changes in Android 12.1 are UI settings, notification tones, settings menus, lock screens, and launchers for larger-than-normal devices.A second panel was added.That ‘s what I did. In doing so, our goal is to increase the amount of information on the screen and to make better use of the large size of the folding screen so that notifications and quick settings can be seen at the same time. The One UI included in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 can do the same in the settings menu, but once it is in the Android base, it can be used on a wide range of non-Samsung devices.

Another big change is like Windows and macOS.Add taskbarit is. There is code in Android 12 that supports the taskbar, but in Android 12.1, you can quickly switch between apps, drag and drop apps to create a split screen view, and in some cases the taskbar seamlessly turns into an app drawer. It seems that it will be possible to transform into. The taskbar in Android 12.1 is similar to the One UI of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but in One UI the taskbar is displayed vertically to the left or right of the screen, while in Android 12.1 it is on the side bottom of the screen. screen. It extends to the sides. This one is closer to the macOS or Windows taskbar. However, it seems that only 5 apps can be displayed at a time on the Android 12.1 taskbar, and it seems to be quite difficult, so I expect it to increase a bit more by the time of the official launch.

Also, regarding multitasking, Google seems to be referring to Samsung,Supports App Pairs to create app pairs to use togetherI came to do it. Now you can launch the two apps in split screen view with a single tap from the notification panel. But XDA says this last feature is still “under consideration”,It may not be in the final versionMaybe.

Then take Android 12’s new features one step furtherAnimation of operating system startupYou can change the color as Material You, or when you call the Google AssistantCustomize long press timeThere seems to be new features like being able to do it.

In general on Android 12.1Support for large folding smartphonesIt seems to be trying to thicken. Foldable smartphones may still be a niche device, but it can’t fully demonstrate its benefits without software support.Support will come in the form of Android 12.1 without waiting for Android 13 next yearI’m glad it’s accelerating the future.

Source: XDA Developers

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