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for a team that WANTED to play in Miami? Let’s say they’ve gotten on pretty well


It was one of the debates that caused quite a stir during the last regular week. A Heat – Bucks stationed three days before the Playoffs and that had the peculiarity of determining all or almost all the confrontations of the East table and in the final to the Bucks that had seriously beaten Milwaukee, a victory that sent them to play. a first turn against… Heat, precisely, for an electric rematch of the 2020 Playoffs. The Bucks WANTED to play Miami, the Bucks played Miami and the Bucks beat Miami. In jargon? We call that wearing your coui ** es.

An ambitious team but finally dominated on all sides by a Heat in story mode to feel good, an outgoing double MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo but injured in his body and his flesh, and questions, many questions about this group rolling in competition in regular but finding to each other. year his teacher in playoffs. Here’s the August 2020 observation, in the Orlando bubble, of a franchise that we therefore expect a reaction from next season, as its winners rushed to the NBA Finals. Nine months later? Babies are born after spending nights at the stake in front of Tyler Herro’s mixtapes, and best of all, these Bucks seem to have changed. Bogdan Bogdanovic could have happened, but in the end the list looks great as the Eric Bledsoe / Jrue Holiday glow is phenomenal, since Bobby Portis and Bryn Forbes are true newbies. And after a regular season went a bit under the radar, Milwaukee had a date with his latest executioner, with his own manhood too, with his responsiveness, with his self-esteem.

Race result? A desired series against the Heat to exorcise demons, and a series beaten in great widths. A first game that left some dreams to the South Beach fan base, then behind it was a hurricane. A Giannis Antetokounmpo sometimes caught in the pincers but often finding solutions to weigh differently, an incredibly strong Middleton / Holiday duo on both sides of the field, Bryn Forbes taking himself for Stephen Curry, Brook Lopez solid down and difficult to defend from the other. side of the floor, and generally a maliciously closed trap by Mike Budenholzer’s men over Erik Spoelstra’s. The Heat will never have been able to breathe, the Heat will never have really believed in him, and the hopes born in Game 1 will be abandoned with the momentum of Game 2, the Game 3 demonstration, and the Game 4 carnage. fight, with respect and without calculating because not everyone is obliged to play it as Red. Then introduce yourself to the desired enemy, look him directly in the eye. And crush it, silently, with contempt but in the rules of the art, only to set the record straight and calmly wait for the Nets in the Conference semifinals.

Now we will have to face a different kind of adversity in the next round, we will also have to do without Donte DiVincenzo, but the first challenge of the Bucks in 2021 has been validated and with honors. Eliminate the heat, literally and figuratively, and return the church to the center of town. For a team that WANTED to play the Heat? Yes, let’s say the Bucks have assumed quite a bit.

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