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For Smartphone Owners: 8 Safety Tips - CHIP

For Smartphone Owners: 8 Safety Tips – CHIP

1. Set screen lock: It sounds banal, but according to an echo survey, more than half of Germans (54.1 percent) are not blocked. A screen lock is the most important means of preventing unauthorized access. When turning on the smartphone, the user must first enter a PIN in order to access the contents of the cell phone. A fingerprint scan or facial recognition can also be used instead of a numeric code.

2. Install updates automatically: Updates not only provide new features, but also important security updates. Automatic updates can be activated in the App Store. If desired, they can only be performed with an active WLAN connection to save mobile data.

3. Create cloud backups: The best way to protect against data loss is to perform regular backups. Photos, videos, contacts, and other data on your smartphone must be stored online using a cloud service like iCloud or Google Drive.

4. Beware of public WiFi networks: Now you can find free WLAN hotspots in almost all crowded places, be it in airports, shopping malls or on buses and trains. However, your data traffic can sometimes be read; You should avoid online banking, online shopping, or logging into your email program on such networks. A remedy can be found here vpn service create or use your mobile data.