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For the first time, Israel presents defense technology at the Dubai International Airshow

For the first time, Israel presents defense technology at the Dubai International Airshow

the newspaper said “NewspaperThe Kuwaiti authorities have stopped all requests from charities wishing to transfer money to Beirut, citing “Lebanon’s political and financial instability.”

The newspaper cited anonymous sources as saying that the Foreign Ministry added Lebanon to the list of countries to which transfer of donations was suspended, days after Kuwait stopped transferring funds from charitable donations to Ethiopia.

He noted that “the Ministry of Affairs received a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stop all requests from charities wishing to make financial transfers to Beirut, through its humanitarian work system, until further notice, until the situation stabilizes. “.

Sources say that “there is a fear in Kuwait that any economic collapse in Beirut will destroy the donation money.”

On Wednesday, Agence France-Presse quoted an unidentified security source as saying that the authorities decided to “get tough” in granting visas to Lebanese “without issuing an official circular to that effect.”

The Kuwaiti security source, who was described by the agency as “informed of the decision,” said: “There is a verbal decision to strictly issue tourist and business visas to Lebanese without an official circular to that effect,” adding: ” There is no rigor, no prevention “.

Kuwait’s steps come amid the worst diplomatic crisis that Lebanon has experienced with the Gulf states, since the statements of the Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi, recorded in a television interview before taking office, in which he criticized the Saudi intervention in Yemen, described it as “aggression”, and considered that the Houthi rebels are defending themselves “.

Following Qardahi’s remarks, Saudi Arabia called its ambassador in Beirut and asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave Riyadh and decided to stop all Lebanese imports. In solidarity with Riyadh, Bahrain and Kuwait took the same step, and the United Arab Emirates withdrew their diplomats and decided to prevent their citizens from traveling to Lebanon.