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Forever Skies – New Survival Game Looks Awesome


The game not only looks fantastic, the developers promise us a lot. Source: Far from home

After a first look at the gameplay of skies forever has given, has developers and pubssiher Far from home now it raised the curtain a bit more and shows an extended gameplay trailer. This was created as part of the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase published. The climate change sci-fi action-survival game that gamers have been eagerly awaiting will launch in 2022 on Steam in Early Access, followed by console releases.

More gameplay scenes in the new trailer:

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The new trailer stars the protagonist of Forever Skies, a lone scientist desperate for answers after an ecological catastrophe has wiped out civilization as we know it all over the world. In this strange new world, both on foot and in their customizable aircraft, players must explore ruins above and below the dust cloud, collect samples, and search for special virus variants to find a cure for what remains of the humanity trapped in Earth’s orbit. . Novel scientific technology, especially nanobot repair systems and advances in biology and biotechnology, help the player on their journey. But the surface of the earth has become a dangerous and inhospitable place during the absence of man. New evolutionary stages of fauna and flora have evolved, as well as strange new microorganisms, so that humans are now aliens on their own home world.

Players can look forward to vertical gameplay, as your task in Forever Skies is to reach special locations below and above the dust cloud layer, no matter how risky it may be. The dynamic weather system in Forever Skies is often unpredictable and unforgiving, presenting yet another challenge for players.

The high-tech customizable aircraft, complete with extensive building and damage systems, will become the player’s primary tool in Forever Skies. Not only is it the most efficient means of transportation, but it also offers a roof over your head and the opportunity to do research in the onboard laboratory, grow food, and produce essential tools for survival.

You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam here: skies forever

The game looks extremely promising, almost too good to be true. One can only hope that developer Far From Home can live up to its own ambitions. If the game lives up to its promises, it could become one of the most interesting survival games of the year.

Forever Skies screenshots:

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