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Former Apple Employee Reveals 3 Secret iPhone Tricks


Especially when you think you already know how to handle the iPhone, new insights appear just around the corner. A former employee has now revealed three tricks that Apple’s smartphone can still do.

Former Apple (Genius Bar) employee Sabrina Badin shares her iPhone tricks in short videos on the TikTok platform. These are mainly functions of Apple’s iOS operating system. Anyone who thinks these are already known could be wrong. Our three examples are likely to amaze many iPhone users. And not only that, they are also quite useful and facilitate the use of the smartphone.

Trick 1: record videos with music

We were especially surprised by the first trick on the list. If you don’t feel like putting songs on top of videos afterward, you finally have a solution to your problem. Music playback usually stops, for example through Spotify, as soon as you swipe “Video” in the iPhone camera app. But there is a very simple way to keep it going.

To do this, open the iPhone camera app while the song you want is playing. Instead of swiping left to “Video”, just hold down the shutter button on the “Photo” tab. Then the icon changes and looks like video recording. It is already running and can also be found with a little slip to the side. Otherwise, the recording will end as soon as you stop holding down.

Trick 2: move files between apps

The following trick is a new feature in iOS 15 that many may have overlooked. Above all, users of Apple’s “Files” app must have waited a long time. It is possible to simply drag and drop files from one application to another. You can see how this works in the little sample video. Just long press on the file, for example a photo. Then you can move the file freely. While holding down, you can switch to another app by swiping up with your other hand or you can do it through the home screen. The file still sticks to your finger and, for example, can be directly dragged into a new email.

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Trick 3: recognize songs quickly

Most of you are probably familiar with the “Shazam” app for recognizing music. But if you want it to work really fast, it might take a few seconds too long to first select the app on the home screen and then open it. Did you know that you can simply put the Shazam music recognition on it through the iPhone settings in the “Control Center” item? It can be started at any time via quick access.


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