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Former Nintendo boss Reginald Fiss-Aim gets a new job, it's completely different

Former Nintendo boss Reginald Fiss-Aim’s new job is completely different

Reggie Fils-Aime is busy with life after Nintendo.rear Announced retirement from Nintendo in February 2019, Son-I love you Joined GameStop’s board of directors in March 2020..He then Launched excellent podcast in May..That same month, Fils-Aime joined the board of directors of a toy and game company. Spin masterNow he is doing another job. Fils-Aime has joined the board of directors of Brunswick, a boat company that manufactures the famous SeaRay boats and Mercury Marine engines.

“As a highly respected and experienced executive, Reggie’s experience in consumer initiatives and digital technology will make him a valuable addition to a strong and experienced board of directors. We are Reggie. Manuel Fernandez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brunswick, benefited from his expertise, said in a statement.

With that announcementBrunswick said Phils Aim “revitalized the brand and reshaped various industries” throughout his career. This is a good sign of why they hired him. After working for Nintendo for 15 years, Fils-Aime held executive-level and leadership positions at VH1, Pizza Hut, Procter & Gamble.

Brunswick’s Government submission With the announcement of the adoption of Fils-Aime, the committee on which Fils-Aime will serve as a member of the board has not yet been decided. Fils-Aime’s salary “is consistent with the salary offered to all Brunswick non-employee directors,” he said.

Fils-Aime Doug Bowser succeeds at NintendoDespite its name, it doesn’t seem to be particularly malicious.

What Nintendo has been doing until recently is that the company Celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary And we are preparing for the launch of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity on Nintendo Switch.Ann Upgraded version of the switch It is rumored to be released in early 2021.