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Fortnite - Creative Mode PC Crash, Maintenance Patch Implementation

Fortnite – Creative Mode PC Crash, Maintenance Patch Implementation

The creative mode of Fortnite Lets players unleash their imaginations to create deadly mini-games, landscapes, and races! The tool is a veritable sandbox for budding architects and minigame creators, as there are a plethora of items, weapons, and environments available and endlessly usable.

But in recent days, the the gameplay was unstable and I could Cause accidents thus affecting the game experience That is why the developers have decided to release a patch to improve the stability of Creative Mode.

A patch to not crash more in the creative mode of Fortnite

Fortnite’s creative mode has suffered from some stability issues over the past few days. If sometimes the problems found in the game mode are minor, it is possible that some recently detected errors crash the game on the PC. A problem that can be really frustrating when working on your creations! To remedy this, Fortnite has just run a patch for improve stability of the game in creative fashion.

It will automatically download to the Epic Games client during the day, so feel free to go out and restart your game if you have any issues!