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Fortnite is about to return to iOS and Android thanks to GeForce NOW

Fortnite is about to return to iOS and Android thanks to GeForce NOW

To the delight of all mobile gamers who love to plunge into the labyrinth of the most famous Battle Royale, NVIDIA recently announced that, starting next week, Fortnite will be available on GeForce NOW with a limited-time closed beta for iOS and Android mobile devices, all streaming streaming via the Safari web browser on iOS and the GeForce NOW app for Android.

According to the company, all GeForce NOW members will be able to sign up for the beta, whose ultimate goal is to test the capabilities of the servers NVIDIA and the responsiveness of the new touch controls. Going into more detail, the company stated:

Fortnite will arrive via streaming on iOS and Android mobile devices with touch controls. Together with the amazing team at Epic Games, we’ve been working to shape a touch-based version of Fortnite for mobile devices in the cloud.

While PC games in the GeForce NOW library work best when a gamepad is paired with mobile devices, the introduction of touch controls created by the GeForce NOW team now offers even more options for Fortnite gamers.

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Starting today, GeForce NOW members can sign up for a chance to participate in the limited-time closed beta of Fortnite on mobile. If you’re not already a member, sign up for a GeForce NOW membership and sign up to be eligible for the closed beta when it starts next week.

Upgrade to a priority subscription or RTX 3080 to receive priority access to game servers. A paid GeForce NOW subscription is not required to participate.

As you may have noticed reading above, at the moment the day when the beta will start has not yet been declared, but the company has made it known that all admitted members will be notified in the next few days, so for now we can not stop waiting for news.