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Fortnite: Season 3 live event: time and date are known

Fortnite: Season 3 live event: time and date are known

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Fortnite moves into Season 3 this weekend. Before that, however, there is a big event that takes place in the game. At this time, “Collision” will start.

Cary, North Carolina – Fortnite Season 3 is finally here to begin. This weekend the current battle royale season will end and the transition to the next one will be completed. But before Season 3 actually kicks off, there will be the big “Crash” live event in Fortnite. reveals the exact start time of the live event in Fortnite.

The exact time of the live event remains a mystery. So far, Epic Games has only communicated that Collision will be played in groups of four players. Other information can be gathered from some teasers and leaks. For example, a Fortnite Season 3 leak indicates that the Collider, a new point of interest, will overheat and explode during the live event. So there should be a drought, which is why Season 3 is said to be called “Drought”. The smaller teasers further hinted that the Mecha Team Leader or Mecha Bear could also appear at the event.