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Fortnite's next-generation update adds "Dynamic Visuals and Physics" to support activity on PS5 •

Fortnite’s next-generation update adds “Dynamic Visuals and Physics” to support activity on PS5 • TECH GAMING REPORT

Appeared on Xbox Series X / S and PS5 on release date.

As the next generation is virtually stinking, Epic brings many to Fortnite, including the ability to dive directly into certain mode lobbies on Sony consoles as part of the free Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 updates. Announced technical enhancements. ..

As you can imagine, many of Fortnite’s next-generation extensions are shared on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This includes 4K support at 60 fps and what Epic calls “dynamic visuals and physics.” The latter manifests itself as a “more dynamic and interactive world” with explosive-responsive grass and trees, enhanced fluid simulations of smoke and liquids, and entirely new storm and cloud effects.

The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, runs “most” of these extensions at 1080p / 60fps (unfortunately, Epic isn’t more specific at this time). In particular, all platforms support 60 fps during split-screen playback, with improved loading that is said to affect both texture loading and the time it takes a player to participate in a match.

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In addition to the above, PlayStation 5 introduces haptic feedback via the DualSense controller, and perhaps most interestingly, introduces support for PS5’s new activity features.

Activities as Digital Foundry explained in it A recent overview of the PS5 UIIs basically a carefully selected entry point into the game, as defined by the developer. Fortnite’s implementation of activities allows players to choose between solo, duo, or squad and go directly to the battle royale lobby. Upon reaching that point, the player can be sure to join the queue for the selected mode.

Epic states that all existing Fortnite features, such as cross-play and cross-progression, will be carried over to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S when new extensions are introduced to each console on their regional launch dates. I will.