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عمليات احتيال علي حسابات واتساب من قبل هاكرز ..التفاصيل

Fraudulent operations on WhatsApp accounts by hackers. Details

Some users revealed WhatsApp They were exposed to fraud, which they described as disruptive, resulting in their accounts being hacked and banned by hackers.

Text messages with a verification code

Several victims explained that they received text messages from the accounts of some friends that include a six-digit verification code, through which the sender (the alleged friend) claims that he needs that necessary code.

The content of the message: Hello .. sorry .. I sent you a 6-digit code that was sent by mistake, can you please pass it on to me? … It is urgent?

In fact, this code gives criminals the opportunity to access the victim’s account, access their messages, and then block the WhatsApp account.

Warning against opening messages

Specialists advised not to open any such messages, and they should be removed immediately so that your electronic accounts and your device are not exposed to hacking.

Phishing messages

Usually those who have been tricked into receiving a message on their phones that it appears to come from a friend or contact that has already been saved to their phone, but those text messages are sent by people who have already been hacked by the fraud. as the hacker uses the Communication contact list to try to lure many people into fraud. “

According to RT, the hacker must know that you are ready to respond, point to your phone and try to access your chat account through the WhatsApp security PIN.