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Free Apple offer for Airpods with Mac or Ipad purchases

Free Apple offer for Airpods with Mac or Ipad purchases

Leading tech giant Apple has announced an excellent offer. It revealed that AirPods are offered to users for free. However, to get these AirPods for free, you have to follow Apple’s rules.

Apple It maintains the ‘Back to University’ program until March 7, 2022. AirPods are provided free of charge to students and teachers as part of this program. It stipulates that users must buy a Mac or an iPod.

This offer Apple product line If you buy MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacMini, iMac Pro, iPod Pro, iPod Air, you can get second generation Air Pods from Apple for free. Users who get the same AirPods for free will be able to upgrade to third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro. If not, the new generation will have to pay a certain amount for audio products.

In which countries is the offer currently available?
Apple currently offers this free offer to users who have purchased Macs and iPods, available in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Korea, and India. But on Apple’s official site it says “Save on a new Mac or iPod with Apple’s education prices.” Then you can get a discount. In addition, Apple offers a 20% discount on “Apple Care Plus” protection plans.

Users must first upload documents related to Mac and iPod products to take advantage of this offer. After that, the air capsules that you get for free will be updated. According to Apple’s official site, the offer is available to current or recently approved college students, teachers, and parents of students. You will first need to register and complete the registration verification process at unidasy. It should be noted that the rest of the process takes place after this process.

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