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Free apps for iOS and Android: free downloads for your mobile phone


Right now there are numerous applications for iOS and Android that you can download completely free of charge. By that we don’t mean ad-infested apps that surprise you with in-app purchases. No, in this article we summarize the current discount campaigns in the Google Play Store and in the AppStore for iPhone and iPad.

As in any online store, there are discount campaigns in the catalogs of applications for iOS and Android. During this time, you can download paid apps completely free of charge. Experience has shown that quality varies a lot, but in this article we try to put together as wide a selection of free downloads as possible for you.

Also free for 1 month: Waipu.tv
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

A little hint: Came across an app but don’t have much storage space left on your phone? So we recommend that you install the app briefly and then remove it. This way you can download the app again for free if you need it as it belongs to your purchased apps.

Free apps and mobile games on the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • document scanner (€2.99): a handy document scanner for Android. Useful if your cell phone does not offer such a function or you want to expand the range of functions.
  • Awf Polar – watch face (€2.09): According to the description, a power-saving always-on display for your WearOS smartwatch.
  • Simple Clock Widget – Word Clock (€0.69): With simple clock widget you get exactly what the title of the app promises! (no german voice output)
  • bubble battery indicator (€1.29): With this download, you get a little animation on your cell phone, where the charging port spits bubbles. (no german voice output)

Free games for your Android phone

  • Pajama Heroes™: Fast-paced Heroes (€4.29): Here is a racing game for kids as a free download. According to the Google Play Store, there are no in-app purchases.
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium (€0.99): Take control of some popular (and apparently unlicensed?) characters and slay zombies in this cartoony side-scroller (ends Sunday)
  • dungeon princess (€9.49): A popular role-playing game, of which there is also the second part directly below this entry.
  • Dungeon Princess 2 (€9.49): In this mix of villain and strategy RPG, you can customize your warrior princess to explore mysterious dungeons.
  • mind of words (€1.89): Wordmind is a word puzzle that is somewhat reminiscent of the popular Wordle. Currently free and rated 5 stars by 7 users.
  • Dungeon999 (€0.89): Fancy 999 floors of slime? Then find out what’s so fun about this game! (no German voice output, ends Monday)
  • Memorize: Learn English words with Flashcards (€4.99): Improve your English skills with an app that contains numerous vocabulary notecards. (Ends on Sunday; oddly enough, there is no German voice output)
  • theme park simulator (€1.19): A simulator where you can move around a virtual amusement park (no German voice output; ends Monday)

Free apps and mobile games on the AppStore

Free apps for your iPhone and iPad

  • Movie Spirit – Movie Maker Pro (€9.99): a complete video editor that you can currently install for free on your iPhone or iPad. (no german voice output)
  • german books (€1.99): With this download you get 10,517 free books in German and with voice output on your Apple device. The app is currently the fourth best book app for iOS.
  • backpack study (€10.99): A complete music application that, according to the developer, fits comfortably in your backpack. (no german voice output)
  • Webcam Shoot Pro (€5.49): Simply use your iPhone as a webcam if you don’t have one! Also cool: can be controlled via your Apple Watch (no German voice output)
  • Mockup Text Generator (€1.09) Do you often have to fill images or memes with meaningless texts? There’s an application for that! (no german voice output)
  • time Tunnel (€4.49): Lots of fun: apply filters and warp effects to your face. (no german voice output)
  • liquid timer (€2.29): Use the countdown on your iPhone or iPad. Advantage over the standard app: You see a nice hourglass.
  • visualmed (€6.99): Check medical study summaries so you don’t have to read the full 100 pages. (no german voice output)

Free games for your iPhone and iPad

  • build your palace (€3.49): A puzzle game with minimal graphics where you have to build a palace. (no german voice output)
  • neo defense (€1.09): Here you install a live-action hit based on the well-known tower defense principle. (no german voice output)
  • Pajama Heroes™: Fast-paced Heroes (€4.49): The racing game for kids is also available for free on iOS and iPadOS.
  • HappyTruck (€2.29): A physics based sidescroller: you have to get your truck to the end of the level within the time limit.
  • pet (€8.99)Mission: Did you miss the Tamagotchi craze back then? Here you can catch up on your youth, childhood or adulthood lost in the 90s
  • litho word (€1.09): A clone of Wordle, but this time at least with accessibility and voice-over features, including an interesting split-screen mode for iPad

Did you like our selection of free apps for iOS and Android? Tell us in the comments. If you have also found an app costing money again, please let us know as well.

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