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Free Football Manager 2022, how to get FM22 with Game Pass?  - Breakfast

Free Football Manager 2022, how to get FM22 with Game Pass? – Breakfast

Some players wonder if it is possible to have Football Manager 2022 for free, that’s why we give you the answer in this article.

Football Manager 2022 as the previous play has a large audience and some players also wonder if it is possible to own the title for free When will it go on sale this Tuesday, November 9.

If you are wondering, the question is fine. The answer is yes, but only for all Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft’s subscription for their Xbox and PC consoles.

How to download Football Manager 2022 for free on PC and Xbox consoles?

In order to download the latest version of the Football Manager license for free, you must first be a Game Pass subscriber. We remind you that there are three subscription offers available (source), namely:

  • The Game Pass console at 9.99 euros per month
  • The PC Game Pass at 9.99 euros per month
  • Ultimate Game Pass at 12.99 euros per month that allows you to access games from the console and PC catalog

Once you have subscribed, all you have to do is go to the page of Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition if you have subscribed to the console (source) and about the Football Manager 2022 page (source) if you have the Ultimate console, PC, or subscription. We remind you in passing that it is also possible to take it directly to your console by going in the Xbox Store or even opening the Microsoft Store app on the PC and going to theonglet gamesand then search for the title. Then you just have to click on ” Installer To play it directly and for free.

Finally, don’t forget that FM22 launches this Tuesday, November 9 on PC, MacOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobile devices.