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Free games: a curious puzzle for PC and mobile as a gift

Free games: a curious puzzle for PC and mobile as a gift

Here we are again, as usual, to inform you of another free title on offer. We’ve seen how Apple on Android has given away several fun games this week, the latest of which is Godzilla Destruction. Now, several hours later, both Steam and the aforementioned mobile stores have decided to accept giving as a gift. Rusty lake hotel.

For those unfamiliar with it, Rusty Lake Hotel is a puzzle developed by Rusty Lake and released in 2015. The plot is very simple, but that doesn’t mean the title isn’t funny. It is 1893 and you will be introduced to the Rusty Lake Hotel, a grand mansion lost on an island in Rusty Lake. So you will welcome five mysterious guests and you will have to satisfy your requests preparing a different dinner every day for five days.

Rusty Lake Hotel is one of those games that has impressed on Steam, with reviews to date praising it primarily for the immediacy it provides. Although the plot is rather tenuous and some characters are not sure to be memorable, this curious point and click manages to amaze with your “imaginative” solving puzzles that will test your inventiveness and intuition. In short, if you are passionate about the genre and want to download it on Steam, just follow it This address, if you want to play comfortably lying on the sofa with your mobile device, you can click instead this.

As we have specified above, Rusty Lake Hotel is one of the many games offered in recent months to “defeat” the pandemic. As you well know, for example, even the Epic Game Store offers one or more titles from its extensive library each week. For this reason, we invite you, if you have not done it before, to recover them, since the offer will expire tomorrow.

Are you a fan of mind-blowing puzzles? At this Amazon address you can recover Catherine Full Body, a true masterpiece.

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