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Free VPN to surf safely with your Opera browser

Free VPN to surf safely with your Opera browser

On issues of safety, encryption, two-factor authentication, and VPN servers have been the big winners. The encryption it has been imposed by default both on web pages and in instant communications. It is no longer something for advanced users, it is a default option for everyone. The two factor authentication has arrived to add more security to logins. And finally the VPN servers They have become the main asset of security firms to protect your internet browsing. Such is their success that free and paid VPN models are easy to find.

In case you are still not aware, VPN is a service or technology that allows you Internet access with an extra security. The function of this type of technology is to make intermediary between your connected device and the server that hosts the service you want to access. This gives you extra privacy and also avoids problems related to censorship or location blocking.

As I said, security firms currently offer VPNs in their catalog. We also find companies specialized in giving you access to free and paid VPN servers. You just have to install an application on your computer or mobile device and it will configure whatever is necessary. But there is a third option. That your web browser integrates the VPN.

Opera and its free VPN

For some time now, Opera introduced VPN service within its outstanding functions. And no small print. A free VPN to use while browsing. With the ease with which we activate or deactivate any other function, and without the need for configure practically nothing. Neither configure nor install.

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As Opera itself explains: normally, your browser connects directly to web pages, allowing these pages to identify your IP address and location approximate. With this feature, you connect to websites through a VPN server. The result is that your apparent location change by server location.