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French Tech: 7 Figures You Should Know About Startups in 2020

French Tech: 7 Figures You Should Know About Startups in 2020

EY published its venture capital barometer on Tuesday, January 12, which confirms the acceleration of French technology and its good health against the ecosystems of neighboring countries. What results for French startups in 2020? Answer in 7 digits.

French Tech a “ensured a remarkable performance” in 2020, according to the EY barometer of venture capital in France published on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. And this, despite an environment undermined by a historic health crisis and a dripping economy.

5.39 billion

French startups raised € 5.39 billion in 2020, 7% more than in 2019 in value terms, but -16% in volume. Last fall the investment bank Avolta Partners It has already estimated this amount at 5.5 billion euros.


In total, the start-ups carried out 620 fund-raising operations. Fewer rounds of financing, therefore, but with higher amounts. Figures, however, well below the years 2019 and 2018, which had experienced growth of 39% and 41% respectively.

400 million

Among the most important fundraisers of 2020 are those of the mobile video game publisher Voodoo (400 million euros, amount not confirmed by the company), the software publisher Mirakl (256 million euros), the Scoring platform from RSE EcoVadis (200 million euros), from the manufacturer of insect proteins Ynsect (190 million euros), or the analytical platform Contentsquare (173 million euros).

8.7 million

More funds were raised above € 50 million in 2020 (21) than in 2019 (16), the value of which increased from € 1.3 billion to € 2.4 billion (+88%). This significantly affected the value of the middle round, which went from € 6.9 million to € 8.7 million during the period.

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1.42 billion

The IT services and software sector raised the most funds (€ 1.42 billion from 140 operations), followed by Internet services (€ 1.4 billion from 128 operations), life sciences (€ 851 million euros for 106 transactions), and payments and financial services (622 million euros for 52 transactions).


Île-de-France, which however represents only 18.2% of the French population, attracted 75% of the amounts collected and 57% of the operations in 2020. It is followed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with 8% of investments in value (13% in number), and the Hauts-de-France region, with 4% of investments in value and number.


Finally, the undisputed champion of fundraising in Europe is still the United Kingdom, with its 12.7 billion euros raised, more than double the amount reached in France. Thus, France is, for the first time, in the second position, just ahead of Germany, where start-ups have raised 5.2 billion euros.

For the Secretary of State in charge of the Digital Transition, Cédric O, the strengthening of the competitiveness of French startups is, in particular, the result of the support of the French State since 2021. We have introduced a series of measures unanimously welcomed by entrepreneurs, such as the launch of the French Tech Visa to simplify the recruitment of foreign talent, the mobilization of 6,000 million euros of private funds through the Tibi initiative, the reform of the BSPCE or the creation of French Tech Next40 / 120 “support programs, declared. “France was the first European country to present an emergency plan of 4,000 million euros for the creation of companies. Last June we complemented it with a plan of aid of 1,200 million euros.” They will invest euros and more than 7,000 million of euros in the digital sector through France Relance, led by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery “, also highlighted.

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