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Vorschau auf Fritz!OS 7.50: Updates für die 7590, 7590 AX, 7530, 6690, 6591 & 6660

Fritz!OS 7.50 Preview: Updates for 7590, 7590 AX, 7530, 6690, 6591 and 6660

AVM has released new lab firmware for the Fritz!Boxes 7590, 7590 AX, and 7530 for DSL, as well as the 6690, 6591, and 6660 Cable for testers who, like Fritz!Labor, are giving a sneak peek of the next big Fritz! OS 7.50 essential. The new version includes optimizations for wire guard and set up fax machines.

New Fritz lab! for cable and DSL routers

After a total of eight ADSL, VDSL and cable routers from the Fritz!Box series were equipped with the latest lab firmware, Fritz!Labor 7.39, AVM has released another update for six of these models, as well as a product update associated. It continues to operate under version 7.30.

The latest preview version of Fritz!OS 7.50, which will be released later this year, is now available for Fritz!Repeater 2400.

Fritz!OS 7.39 as a preview version of Fritz!OS 7.50
  • Fritz!Repeater 2400 → v07.39-96551
  • Cable Fritz!Box 6690 → v07.39-96972*
  • Cable Fritz!Box 6660 → v07.39-96971*
  • Cable Fritz!Box 6591 → v07.39-96970*
  • Fritz!Box 6890 LTE → v07.39-96061
  • Fritz!Box 6850 LTE → v07.39-96343
  • Fritz!Box 7590AX → v07.39-96976*
  • Fritz!Box 7590 → v07.39-96975*
  • Fritz!Box 7530 → v07.39-96974*

*) last release

According to the official release notes, the latest preview of AVM’s Router of the Future operating system includes the following innovations, optimizations, and bug fixes in the areas of system, interface, DSL, Internet, WLAN, and repeaters:

  • [Verbesserung] Initial setup wizard with option to send faxes or send and receive faxes
  • [Verbesserung] The email address stored in the user account can be deleted
  • [Verbesserung] Display of data sync speed instead of data speed available on “Overview” and “Online Monitor” pages
  • [Behoben] Failed ISP logins were not included in the event log
  • [Behoben] In very rare cases, there was no longer an update request and the information from the Mesh Master was not transferred to MyFRITZ!Net
  • [Behoben] In rare cases, the e-mail notification of a successful update via the MyFRITZ! platform was not sent.
  • [Behoben] NTP time determination was not possible without a DNS server provided by the Internet provider
  • [Behoben] Under certain circumstances, the filter update of the “Federal Inspection Office for Media Harmful to Young People” (BPjM) failed.
  • [Behoben] WireGuard VPN connection between dual-stack connection and DS-Lite was sometimes permanently dropped
  • [Behoben] Sometimes the “Internet address of this FRITZ!Box” was not displayed for WireGuard connections
  • [Behoben] In very rare cases, there was no longer an update request and the information from the Mesh Master was not transferred to MyFRITZ!Net
  • [Verbesserung] With VPN connections, parental controls may have prevented Internet access
  • [Behoben] Fixed performance issues with 160 MHz channel bandwidth (5 GHz band) with some Huawei devices (including Mate 20 Pro, P30 (6591, 7590))
  • [Behoben] “Start WPS” button on “WLAN/Security/WPS Quick Connect” page had no function
  • [Behoben] In certain scenarios, WLAN may not be activated or sporadically deactivated via FRITZ!Fon
  • [Verbesserung] improved automatic channel selection in the 5 GHz band in case of radar interference (7530)
  • [Verbesserung] Larger text in many tables
  • [Verbesserung] Changed the behavior of the buttons at the bottom of the page.
  • [Behoben] Multiple DFS waits after initial setup

Fritz!OS 7.39 Release Notes

The Fritz!Box 6890 LTE and Fritz!Box 6850 LTE models, as well as the Fritz!Repeater 2400, will probably be updated with the latest firmware soon.

AVM has not yet answered conclusively whether other models for the final Fritz!OS 7.50, which according to the manufacturer should be released this year, will eventually be called into question.

Fritz!Labor is officially a beta version

Experienced users and users can, as usual, directly via the website of Fritz! laboratory get a first impression of the upcoming Fritz!OS 7.50.

A sure instinct and a bit of experience can’t hurt here either, and in a productive work environment a beta should only be used in the rarest of cases anyway.

If your own Fritz!Box is equipped with the latest stable Fritz!OS, for Fritz!Box 7590 AX it would be Fritz!OS 7.31, for example, you can start installing the current lab version according to the AVM instructions.

  • Read and confirm the notice that is displayed.
  • Click “Download” and save the file to your computer.
  • Unzip the lab file (*.zip).
  • Carry out the update via the FRITZ!Box user interface and select “View: Advanced” in the footer.
  • Select “System / Update” from the menu.
  • Select the “FRITZ!OS File” tab. Save the configuration of your FRITZ!Box.
  • Then enter the name of the lab version and the path in the input field (eg C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop\FRITZ!Box-Labor-xxxx.image).
  • Click “Start Update”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Instructions for installing Fritz! laboratory

The Fritz!OS Overview from the editorial team provides an overview of the current firmware status for all AVM routers.

  • Fritz!OS: All current firmware versions at a glance

A new: Lab versions are always in beta status and have been tested by AVM in standard environments prior to release, but may possibly cause malfunctions.

The manufacturer expressly assumes no liability for damage resulting from the use of laboratory versions.

Up System → Update → Fritz!OS-Version users can switch back to the official Fritz!OS at any time.