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Frog Fractions 3 has been discovered within a downloadable hat


On Monday, we claimed that Frog Fractions — the weird video game that masquerades as an aged-faculty educational match — was out there for the 1st time on Steam. Titled Frog Fractions: Video game of the Decade Version, you can still get it for cost-free and play it in 4K resolution. But, if you decide up the optional downloadable articles, you will also get the up coming recreation in the series.

That’s ideal: Frog Fractions on Steam is a Trojan horse, serving as the auto for Frog Fractions 3 to assault your Pc. Or it may possibly in fact be Frog Fractions 4. Not even the developer is confident at this position.

The discovery of the up coming Frog Fractions recreation is attributed to journalist Jonathan Bolding. Composing for Pc Gamer, Bolding quipped that the optional DLC, titled Hop’s Legendary Hat, may in fact be the upcoming recreation. Turns out he was right.

“I went and acquired the $8 ‘Hop’s Legendary Cap’ DLC, mainly because I are not able to enable myself, and it is in point, Frog Fractions 3,” Bolding wrote on Monday. “If you begin devoid of the hat, the video game you engage in is Frog Fractions as you could remember it. If you start off the activity putting on the hat, you will be prompted to select a help save slot in advance of currently being dumped into what appears to be like Frog Fractions, but is extremely a lot not. I won’t spoil that for you.”

But what amount activity in the series is this? Bolding arrived at out to developer Jim Crawford for comment, only to learn that even he’s not 100% confident of the timeline at this stage.

“It’s a Frog Portion sequel,” Crawford explained. “In my headcanon: Frog Fractions 2 was the Kickstarter/ARG to locate Frog Fractions 2. Frog Fractions 3 was Glittermitten Grove. Frog Fractions 4 is the hat DLC.”

You can also discover Glittermitten Grove also on Steam for $9.99. Alternately, you can order the bundle titled Frog Fractions Cinematic Universe — which features Frog Fractions: Sport of the Ten years Edition, Glittermitten Grove, and Hop’s Iconic Hat — at a lower price for $13.48.

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