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From a specific point of view: Who are the best characters in Star Wars games?


One of the great things about Star Wars It stimulates endless discussions and opinions on a wide range of topics. The best bounty hunter? The most powerful Jedi? Does Sarasha Scrum have the best haircuts in Saga? In that spirit, StarWars.com presents some of the biggest and most enjoyable point-counter-points from a particular point of view. Star Wars problem. In this article, two StarWars.com writers endorse the best characters to decorate Star Wars gamers.

Spoiler Note: This article provides details and plot points. Knights of the Old Republic And Battle Front II..

The only answer is Levan, says Kelly.

There are many notable Jedi and Siths that make their name in the galaxy, but few are so legendary that the story of their achievements has endured for centuries. One of them is Revan.Levan Include Star Wars Video game characters converted in the 2003s Knights of the Old Republic A fascinating story that has endured for years.

4000 years before the Galactic Empire came to power, it was a time of uncertainty in the republic. The Jedi Knights once had strong protections for the galaxy, but Darth Malak unleashed the Sith army, scraping their ranks and spreading them throughout the stars. Malak was once an apprentice of Darth Revan. The fallen Jedi became Lord Sith and caused horror just by mentioning his name. Levan eventually disappeared and was presumed dead, and Malak embarked on a mission to conquer the galaxy himself.

Knights of the Old Republic Put the player in this universe like no other game has ever been.The perfect blend of choice interaction, engaging characters, gorgeous cutscenes, and action at the edge of your seat creates an unmistakable experience. Star Wars.. And at the heart of it all was a highly customizable hero. When you learned about conflict and those who came to be called friends and allies, you made the choice to change the story, and ultimately the galaxy.

Darth Revan

As the story unfolds, the dark truth is revealed: you are Levan. It was a revelation for the player that it was the same as Luke Skywalker’s father. Revan’s memory was erased by the Jedi Council, and the former Sith Lord was given a second chance. It was up to you what Levan did at that opportunity.

Reach this moment for most players Knights of the Old Republic I was impressed.There are no more game characters in Star Wars Because that character was there, the game was better than Levan You are.. The choice from character creation to the final line affected the entire galaxy, not just the main character. Revan paved the way for immersive role-playing Star Wars A tradition since being inherited in amazing action RPGs like video games Force Unleashed, Jedi: Corrupted orderAnd of course Star Wars: The Old Republic..

Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber

Since then, Levan has become a long-standing legend. Their weapons are immortal and they are the only video game characters with the Force FX Elite Lightsaber. Levan’s name is still whispered today, as worshipers of both distant galaxies and our own galaxies continue to mark their heritage.It may be closer to other game characters having the same effect, Star Wars, Will always stand on all of them: Levan.

Iden version

But better than anyone Iden version, Bria says.

Anyone who knows me probably knows my answer here. Yes, the best video game character is Commander Iden Versio. Battle Front II.. Through video games Star Wars I told a lot of great stories about the Jedi and the Sith, and the people in between. Star Wars And it’s not just Skywalkers and Force users. At its core is the people and the choices they make, whether they are for greater good or for evil. Iden Versio has made a better choice.

Inferno Squad

When we first met her (and other members of her team) Inferno Squad By Christie Golden, Aiden was a brilliant example of an imperial pilot raised from early childhood to believe in imperial ideals.By that time the story is Battle Front II The single-player campaign began four years later and she is an established leader in the elite special forces. There is hope in the rebellion. The empire has an Inferno squad. When the empire fails in Endor, we play as Aiden. The second Death Star was destroyed and the emperor was killed. And we have a belief in the empire with her and the belief that it is the force needed to slowly collapse to the weight of the operation. Cinder crushes it beyond repair.

Iden version

Often the choice is made as a kind of grand and radical gesture. You reject the Sith and the Dark Side, and therefore choose the Light Side and the Rebellion. But in the case of Iden, more nuances are seen as her (and Del Meeko) loyalty changes over time. It’s not one choice, there are several. First, they oppose the empire and everything they have ever known. Second, Aiden and Dell decided that leaving the empire was not enough and that they had to do what they could to thwart the operation. Cinder destroys more worlds and slaughter more innocent people. They only want after the battle in Naboo is over. necessary Continue to fight for the right reason and join the New Republic. And Aiden does not stop the fight so that others can live. Decades later, even when the First Order had an ugly head.

Yes, it’s certainly fun to play as Aiden, defeat a capital ship with a starfighter, and defeat AT-ST with a blaster rifle, but it’s her journey to make her stand above others. .. Iden Versio is the best video game character in Star Wars She reminded us that you don’t have to save the entire galaxy, defeat the Sith lord, or get a lightsaber to become a hero. You just have to do the right thing.

Is Bria correct or do you agree with Kelly? Probably neither! Let us know socially using #FromACertainPOV!

Kelly Knox creates Star Wars.com features and DIY. Her writings can also be found in Marvel, DC Comics, IGN and more. Follow her on Twitter. @kelly_knox speak Star Wars, Games, crafts.

Bria LaVorgna is a writer who doesn’t remember when she didn’t love Star Wars. She also really loves Alderaan, Doctor Aphra, and Inferno Squad. You can follow her on Twitter @chaosbria..

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