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FUSER: Harmonix revient en force (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)


I must admit that when I found out about this DJ app, I was quite skeptical. I couldn’t see how it could work. But hey, Harmonix was still behind it all, which gave the set credibility. I was right to explore the question as you will see in this test.

The goal is to make music by mixing things from different pancakes. But beware, we do not make music for ourselves, well, not only, the objective is to please the public and we will get to work.

I play him

So I will try to explain the gameplay to you. You have a turntable with 4 locations to put songs / samples. These songs come out of your record box, a kind of music tank. Each piece you have available comes in 4 ‘samples’: rhythm, bass, guitar / keyboard / strings, voice. Did you get the hang of it? You just have to place the sample you want from the chosen song on one of the decks. The app does the rest, it makes it sound pretty good regardless of your choices. It is extremely easy and accessible from the first minutes of play, the four slots are basically dedicated to one instrument category but you can force things, why not put 4 rhythmic parts, eh? It’s possible !

But don’t get carried away, things will get tough, just to make the experience even more interesting. So you have to respect the tempo a bit, you have to place the song at the beginning of the measure, to create even more vibrant things. I am not going to reveal everything here because there will be other opportune moments to place this or that sample. Therefore, these key moments require you to be vigilant at all times to really build the enthusiasm of the crowd. In any case what I can tell you is that the experience is really exciting and it is difficult to release the joystick once you have started.

Yes, because we quickly take ownership of the many possibilities of the software, everything is done to promote the creativity of the player. I really liked the ability to play two drum parts at the same time, for example, or even take out the records when you want to calm down a bit. I also loved the ability to create snapshots, that is, recordings of your creations that become new samples for your future mixes.

The public is always right

Beyond this aspect of public pleasure, take yours. The title allows you to have fun, you will quickly understand the alternate strings and rhythms, you will lower the tension before making it go back, etc. And then the possibilities seem endless, especially that we are allowed, in addition to what I have already described, to play an instrument, change the tone, apply effects,… In short, a real DJ turntable on your TV!

Secondary game modes, you have the mode field which offers you different stages and a gently escalating difficulty, only to cut your teeth and climb the world DJ hierarchy. The application will give you clues or instructions to enhance the enjoyment of the public: add this or that type of music, add pop, remove the rhythm, … Yes, the objective is to please, obviously. This audience will also ask you some things like interpreting this or that artist, do not hesitate to follow them to increase your popularity indicator.

There is also the free style. There, do what you think best, total freedom! There is also the cooperative freestyle allowing you to join another DJ for a public concert or simply be a spectator at the concert in question just to judge the performance of others. You can also create a private session. Finally, we are offered battles, include DJ crashes based on audience satisfaction and a force point system assigned to each track. All this is very well done but the title suffers from a major flaw: there are few players online, it is difficult to find opponents at once.

Since you are an artist, your scene will also be important and again it is very good. You can choose your clothes, to unlock, but also the stage lighting, fireworks, projectors, to name and the best. Everything is done to identify with the artist and it is totally successful. There are two currencies in the game: one for purchasing parts and one for customizing. Note that there is also an online store, this time to buy other titles with your real money.

Graphically, it is beautiful but nothing more. On the other hand, the game screen is very well thought out and that’s the main thing. On the sound side, thankfully, the performance is perfect in every way.

Tested on PS4

A very pleasant surprise. I spent time mixing, creating, searching for the rhythm. The application is very well made, because we not only make music, but we have a lot of fun! Beyond the campaign, the other modes allow you to prolong the pleasure of playing with only one problem: there are very few players online. But fortunately the title does not have it to please you, take it as a real tool to liven up your evenings.

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