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Rey Skywalker with yellow lightsaber in Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One

Future Star Wars Video Games in the New Lucasfilm Game Brand »

With a little surprise announcement earlier this week, the official Star Wars website and social media channels announced the resurgence of the Lucasfilm game brand.

This doesn’t seem to mean that Lucasfilm games have revived as their own game studio, but most, if not all, future Star Wars-related titles will be labeled with this label, regardless of the studio behind them. It means that it will be released.

Few supporters of that theory at this time, but some speculate that this may mean Disney plans to end its partnership with EA. For now, this is purely a brand change and could be an attempt to appeal to nostalgic gamers who grew up playing the titles of Lucasfilm games.

“Star is excited to reveal that Lucasfilm Games is the official identity of all Lucasfilm game titles. The name gives the company an extensive catalog of video games and prospects for the future. It covers. ” Presentation Read.

Sizzle reels have also been released to showcase recent Star Wars video games such as Squadrons, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Jedi: Fallen Order.

Lucasfilm Games was first launched in 1982 and was renamed LucasArts in 1990. LucasArts was later acquired by Disney along with other parts of Lucasfilm in 2012, virtually shut down the following year, and became the brand name simply after all the video games under active development were finished.

A new Indiana Jones video game was announced this morning. This is the first new title released following the announcement of the Lucasarts game.

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