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G Suite is changing its brand name as Google Workspace

G Suite is changing its brand name as Google Workspace

On Tuesday, the company announced that it would change the G Suite brand to Google Workspace and add features that would help streamline collaboration as more companies expand their telecommuting during a pandemic.

Google will also redesign the icons for Gmail, Drive, Calendar and other services with its four-color palette in the coming weeks.

“As we know, this is the end of the’office’,” said Javier Soltero, vice president and general manager of Google Workspace. Said in a statement.. “From now on, teams need to grow without face-to-face contact, save time focusing on their most influential work, and build connections in new ways.”

Google previously announced an improved G Suite in July, previewing features that limit the need to switch between different apps, such as the ability to join video calls directly from Gmail’s inbox.

Some of the new features of the platform include the ability to preview links in other Google apps without leaving the original window, and the introduction of a “smart chip” that displays contact information when someone mentions @. There is.

These features are currently available for business, but other features will be rolled out “in the coming weeks.” Businesses can purchase Google Workspace with a $ 6 “Business Starter” plan per user or a $ 18 “Business Plus” plan per user with additional security and compliance features.

According to a press release, this feature will be available to all users within the “next few months.”

In a broader sense, the launch of Google Workspace is the company’s efforts to dominate the virtual productivity sector, especially against competitors such as Microsoft Office 365, which added the popular cross-app integration feature in May. It represents the latest steps.

Google may have an insider advantage. Before joining Google in October 2019, Soltero was the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft for four years.