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Let’s start off with a lowest-rated gadget, what you’ll notice here it’s actually Dynamike.

Basically what that it is an average of all of the scores that everybody voted so like F tier is 1 B tiers 2 A tier is 3 and then of course S tier is 4 points and I average those all together and give an actual score. So we’re gonna start with the lowest scores go up through the highest scores. I’m gonna use this data and my own personal experience and understanding to place each gadget on the tier list, of course, Dynamike it’s the worst.

It’s terrible, it rarely provides value, maybe you get 700 damage on one person maybe you get someone damage on two people maybe 700 damage twice on one person but most of the time it’s easy to miss and it just makes my Dynamike vulnerable just not good don’t buy that gadget.


The second worst-rated is Piper’s gadget there. I just increase the decimal point so you guys can see the difference there. Piper’s gadget it offers incredibly low value 1600 damage against the closest brawler is just like it’s not very much it does help a little bit with Piper in certain situations where she’s being kind of close, you know chased by like a tank or something like that but the fact that it actually gets reset and when she attacks just makes it not very good.


We got Barley now technically more people actually voted for his gadget to be B Tier here than F tier however there were quite a few people that actually suggested they would be F tier. I’m actually going to vote for B tier even
though it did have a very low score of 1.9 to Barley’s gadget is really great for that one situation where you have like a tank or somebody that’s close range getting up close to Barley and basically I mean the damage is not very good but prevents like a Bull or a Daryl or an el Primo from just getting close enough to be able to take Barley out is it the best, no, is it useful sometimes absolutely so I definitely think that it’s better than the after and worth putting into the B Tier.


Here up next is Carl and survey says be here and you know it’s interesting I really thought it was gonna be better than that but after looking at these stats and also some consideration I can see why people actually wouldn’t say that he’s super great. There is that one situation where he can do a ton of damage to like a safe where he’s using his super and getting you know, stacking up the damage onto the safe however that is a very unique situation and most the time it’s probably going to do pretty minimal damage and only just do a good job of preventing people from chasing Carl down and most of the time Carl doesn’t really need that anyway so we’re gonna go ahead and put Carl’s gadget right into the B Tier.


Here up next is Bea‘s gadget, yes it does only have 1000 health no it does not deal any damage. She cannot place it anywhere other than from exactly where she’s standing so really the only beneficial time to use it is a kind of a
similar situation as Barley except that a bowl can eat through that 1000 health and get rid of it just as easily you know what I mean this is like it’s not even gonna provide a whole lot of value with that said though it does have some use so I’m gonna go ahead and put in B tier.


Next, we got Darryl. I was actually surprised to see more people voting for Darryl to be in the B tier but within the F Tier. I personally feel like the star power isn’t very good, it’s very rare that you’ll actually be able to deal more than 700 damage on a single target sometimes I’ll be able to do more than that you know like 1,400 damage and there is that occasional situation where you can get shots off on multiple people but you know I just feel like it’s not very good maybe some tweaks abuse with but then again Darryl does a lot of damage already as it is so maybe it’s perfect just the way that it is. I think it’s fair for us to put him into the B tier here for his gadget.


We got Tick I really agree with this is it the best no is the damage very good.  But it’s helpful and it’s useful in some situations when Tick needs to run away, so ticks gadget B tier.


Okay next we got Mr. P, more people voted for F Tier some people went for B tier. I actually agree with the F tier people here okay the current Porter will get more HP, it’ll do more damage but it is only a single quarter and you can only do it three times. So I kind of feel like if Mr. P could use his ability like five times then that might be good but as it is right now I’m gonna go ahead and put that in the F Tier


Next to El Primo, most people vote for B Tier and I think that’s a sensible place for her you to put it I can also see why some people voted for it to be in the F Tier. You’re not gonna get value out of it very often but in that one situation where you’re trying to chase somebody down and you just need to throw them back down to your teammates then it’s gonna be useful. You can also throw them over walls which is really hilarious is it super great no but it’s viable sometimes I would say like borderline after you’re B tier.


We’re up to the second quartile according to the stats right here up next is Penny starting off in the blue right this is I mean I know these colors are different that’s supposed to be B tier according to Stats. I’ve ranked them off of quartiles Penny’s gadget is interesting, it’s kind of like a double-edged sword where like it’s good but if it gets rid of the walls that are actually protecting the turret then it can be bad. However, that does open up the map if you use it against the enemy walls and penny thrives on more open maps so overall it does more good than it does harm but you get the idea I think the B Tier is justifiable with it.


Next, we got Rico most people vote for B Tier here absolutely agree with that it’s not gonna do damage to like any one person very often it’s not gonna do as much damage just like Spikes gadget but it can do a pretty decent job at you know helping Rico out just a little bit in those tight situations.


Up next is Max kind of getting close here between A and B tier in the stats here but most people did go with the B Tier. Here personally I don’t feel like Max’s dark power does anything that she can’t do it herself anyway. She’s already super-fast, she’s faster than any other brawler in the game and in all reality the immunity is only available for like a very split second so it can be beneficial but it does provide some value so I definitely think the B Tier is justified for Max’s gadget.


Next, we got Pam’s gadget okay very close between B Tier here and A Tier. Here the issue with Pam in the past is that she has not been able to burst heal anybody right, it’s like a very slow and consistent. She’s kind of like a mini healer whereas like Poco’s the first healer and now that she has this ability, it’s actually pretty fantastic now it is limited to within that one range if her range actually was a little bit longer or even if it healed where she was rather than with her turret. So it’s like you didn’t have to like him deal with this turret then I think it could be A Tier however I think that the fact that it does have a short radius with her actual turret justified that B Tier. There we go Pam B Tier.


Okay, we are neck and neck right here for Brock B-tier versus A Tier. It is super close I actually think I’m gonna go with B Tier here for Brock’s gadget but as you can see here it’s pretty close and the gadget doesn’t actually give him any sort of like a speed boost or anything like that it’s just so that he can either jump over walls or jump over lakes or whatever or so we can actually dodge a shot and that’s really important and Brock is a really you know he’s a long-range sniper brawler and there’s gonna be a lot of times when he’s gonna be able to use that to try and like jump over a Piper shot or something like that you know I do wish it gave him a little bit of a speed boost so he could like you know catch up and then get away but you know it works.


Next, we got Spike still very close between the B Tier in the A tier here, overall the damage for Spike’s gadget is more than Rico’s and it does pair with curveball which allows that spinning motion to make it a lot easier to hit enemy targets personally I don’t think it’s quite ready for A tier yeah okay be tier still we’re getting close here it is better than a Rico’s but not quite A Tier yet.


Next, we’ve got Jessie and I absolutely agree that this is an A here ability, one of Jesse’s weaknesses is actually being able to hit four targets and the fact that her scrap eats for it really this rarely actually does any damage to anybody in high-level competitive matches because everybody is just keeping their distance and everything like that or they just like get right to the turret immediately soon as that gets put down and then they take it out with this ability Jessie’s can be able to slow them. It’s gonna make it easier for her to charge her shots off of them hit them and also for scrappy to actually deal some damage, it’s not the best star power but it is pretty good.


Next is Bull. Absolutely agree with this A Tier four Bulls Engadget bowl can already take so much HP and you get that additional boost of one point five thousand HP and it’s just it’s really annoying to deal with and you can also use it paired up with this tough guy star power so I definitely agree that A tier is is the right place for good Bowls gadget.


Okay, next we’ve got Leon star power. This is interesting okay technically most people actually voted for A tier but there were some B tier people and there were also some S tier people. Personally I don’t actually think that it’s that great of a gadget okay yes it can distract people but the thing is in competitive matches people are very aware of where Leon is and they are very aware of what bought AI looks like as well as soon as they see a shadow Jutsu Leon going across the field right they’re gonna know that it’s a bot and also people are oftentimes checking bushes and a lot of the time the Cologne is just gonna get taken care of by like stray bullets and things like that and you know I think that they could actually do a really good job at balancing it by increasing some of the HP or something like that but for right now I’m actually gonna go ahead and put it in the B Tier.


Okay up next we got Sandy, according to the quartiles he could be A tier and most people ugh so you suggested that it should be A tier for his gadget. This is actually really difficult for me to say I mean I have to go with a majority vote here because I personally haven’t unlocked this gadget yet and I think that it could be great but there are also a lot of situations where I feel like it could just be bad.


We got Rosa‘s gadget with the A tier guys okay this gadget is so good if you have plant life star power and that is the one caveat okay the fact that she can place down three sections of bush it is so good because it provides so much healing for her when she does have that power without it. It’s like oh hey it’s just another bush, it’s not really a big deal but with her star power it’s like a permanent healing station three places on the map wherever you choose if you don’t have plant life star power I could see this being A-tier but with plant life star power absolutely an S tier star power it is so good.


We got Colt with this automatic reloading gadget I definitely think A tier is good for this. This is a really good gadget the fact that he’s just automatically able to reload two more shots immediately it’s like where does his ammo end if he uses it right oh man it can be a real pain to deal with so yeah there you go Colt A tier.


Next, we got Bibi also people suggesting the A Tier. Here personally I think that this is one of the more boring gadgets in the game but I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing. It’s actually really good really useful for gonna have that additional HP and I also like that this one’s really easy to balance for super self you know like if people think it’s too strong or too weak I’m gonna go ahead and place her in the A Tier right there.


Up next we got 8-bit. This is a controversial one lotta A tier. Lot of B tier. Majority A Tier. Okay now I do not have this gadget yet I have to mess around with it a lot in the developer build I just can’t see too many situations where I feel like this would be a really great gadget like the fact that he has to waste his turret which is a really big benefit to him is kind of like weakness in itself but then also like when are you gonna want to teleport three times in every match a favorite places at his turret in the front of him and then he has to fall back the enemy team is just gonna get rid of his to her anyway because that’s what they should be doing and it’s not typically a good idea for you to put your turret behind you because then it doesn’t actually provide you the benefit that you need. So you know increase that damage which is one reason why 8 Bit is so good I haven’t played with it a ton so I definitely do have to put you know I have to agree with what the majority people said hey maybe a lot of people know what you’re talking about and put it in A tier I want to put it in the B Tier but I’ll do it because you guys voted for it.


Shelly A tier gadget totally agrees with this motive. This is not a controversial one at all, it provides Shelly with the extra speed boost that she needs and it allows her to close the gap two targets and if you use at the right time and the right target it’s great it’s amazing so yeah A Tier.


We got Emz gadget most people are saying that this is A tier, oh man I have been playing with her gadget a lot and I think it’s fantastic. It is exactly what Emz needs to do in order for her to be able to deal with like tanks heavy hitters and things like the people that get up close to her it’s so good especially in Brawl ball guys oh man previously she was weak against tanks that could get up close and close the gap between her now she can just push him away this is a deadly gadget and it’s so good. I’ve got to go with my experience and I’m putting that in the S tier it’s really good.


Next, we got Gene you’ll notice that the score is now yellow because according to the percentiles this should be the S tier. Obviously the percentiles aren’t always correct but you get the idea here that’s why I’m here to make sense of the stats so I know this is weird because I just talked about how Emz is like so good because it covers that one weakness that she has but I don’t think the Gene is as good as Emz is because of the way that their kit works. If we’re looking at gadgets just alone yes absolutely they are like exactly the same one heals one deals damage the m’s gets countered by close-range brawlers and Gene does a ton of damage up close against close-range brawlers. So like sometimes you get close to her Gene and he just like pops it’s like is he pushing is he pulling I don’t know why they gave him the same start with the same gadget but Gene I actually think this is an A tier. It’s so great I just don’t think that it’s as good as for you know Emz because Emz’s just covers all of our weaknesses where Jean just allows them to push people around it can knock the ball out of people’s hands in Braille balls that are actually really good but Gene can already do that with his super.


Next, we got Poco here most people voted for A tier here. The one thing that I will say about this gadget is that it is so much better than Pam’s right, Poco can already burst heal which is like so much better than like consistent over time healing and what Supercell did here is they gave him at twice the healing potential than Pam’s gadget does, of course, it is stretched over 5 seconds but still over twice the healing potential is insane because Poco is not gonna need to burst he’ll people down right he already has that covered he’d be just that consistent healing it’s so good for Poco I don’t think that it’s good enough for the S Tier but I do absolutely think it’s good for the A Tier and it’s a good gadget.


Next, we got Mortis to A tier gadget according to the people and I would agree with that I will say that if you do have a hard time pushing Mortis then this is a great way to improve your ability to kill with him because that additional damage is so helpful like Mortis is the dashing assassin right now he can – and he can feel even more damage and it helps him be better at what he does bats which is just so good for Mortis it’s gonna make it a lot easier to play I definitely agree that that is an A Tier getting kind of close to S tier it’s not overpowered but it is strong.


Next is Jacky’s gadget. We’re starting to see some people voting for the S tier but most people go with the A tier. Here’s the thing though Jacky is so strong right now the fact that she can then get a speed boost for those 3 seconds and like close the gap between her and whoever she wants she’s can be able to deal so much damage and take people out it’s a really good gadget however probably only just because Jackie is so strong when it comes to just comparing gadgets to gadgets. I think it’s fair to put that as the as an A Tier gadget.


Next is Nita now it’s starting to get close between the A tier and the S tier. A lot of people think that Nita’s is actually asked here’s the deal with her gadget it makes it somewhat viable for you to actually throw your bear onto enemy players because you throw it down instantly stun them it’s like she has a throwable stun which is something that none of the brawlers currently have in the game except for Terra kind of and then you’re gonna get the benefit from either of her star powers whether that’s healing or that super-fast damage it can attack around walls. It can allow the bear attacks like catch up to people and stuff so I don’t think that it’s quite good enough for the S tier but it is good, it’s a solid gadget to use okay.


Next, we got Bo, a lot of people voting for the S tier. Some people saying A tier then for those you guys that are curious Darrel’s super is at a rate of one entire super for every 30 seconds Bo super totem has a charge rate of once every 19 seconds however they do have to be within one specific set location. They cannot move away from it where the charging stops. Now I’ve seen some people like throwing down the turret and like people just like chillin in the back and waiting for those super stars up that is not the way to use it you throw it up kind of like a Penny turret right you put it right behind a wall on your side of things so like people can’t get to it but you can passively charge from a distance you know and that’s how you do it and the usefulness of this is really gonna depend on your team comp. Do you guys have supers that are really game-changing then yeah this is a game-breaking gadget but if you got supers that aren’t really game-breaking then you know it’s decent I absolutely think that this is an S tier gadget it’s just it’s super solid okay.


Next, we got Crow, a lot of people saying this is S tier. Guys okay I do think that this is an S to your star power. I also think that some people think that this is way better than it actually is it probably is gonna need a little bit of a nerf but I’ve been seeing people saying that like you can come out combine the actual damage reduction from his extra toxic star power and which is technically true however it doesn’t stack the way that people say that it does. It’s not actually sixty percent plus that twenty percent how it actually works out it turns out to be about 68 percent right so what this means is that for those three seconds if Crow has max HP enemy targets have to be able to burst through 5640 HP in order to take Crow out that is when you combine those two it’s five point six thousand is what you need to do that is very manageable for some brawlers however when you got a crow Dillon tons of damage you’re just jumped on you it’s very there’s a very good chance that you’re gonna die right and so I definitely this is an S tier star power probably needs a little bit of a nerf but it’s certainly not the monster that people are making it out to be.


Okay next is Tara. I was really surprised to see that people said that Tara is an S tier star power. I haven’t unlocked this one yet so my usage has been against the box and there are a couple of maps where there are lots of bushes and I can absolutely see it being like a really game-breaking star power for a couple of maps. We’re talking snake Prairie and like one other one that’s in heist the fact that this gadget is so map dependent on like how many bushes there are gonna be you know I mean it’s really good in a meta where Sandy is really good but sandy just got a couple of nerve so I don’t think that we’re gonna be seeing him do play too competitively very much with that said I’m gonna disagree with the majority people and actually put Tara’s gadget in the A Tier you guys can roast me in the comment section but I think that there are better gadgets for you guys to spend your coins on.


And then lastly we’ve got Frank in the S tier. This star power it can be really strong a Frank that cannot be stunned is a Frank you want to watch out, for now, the usefulness of this is gonna depend on Frank having a supercharged up and him facing up against a brawler that can actually stop him before he actually uses a super it works with this attack as well but obviously if you want to get the best benefit out of it, you want to use it with this super so yeah there you go guys and that is the tier list for every single gadget rated from the bottom all the way up to the top let me know if you disagree with anything.


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