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Galaxy Z Fold 2 withstands dirt durability tests that its predecessor couldn't

Galaxy Z Fold 2 withstands dirt durability tests that its predecessor couldn’t

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 survived the dirt New durability test by YouTuber Zack Nelson (Also known as JerryRigEverything), its hinges support Samsung’s claim that it will be more durable on this year’s device. In Nelson’s tests, Samsung’s new foldable dust and dirt was removed. He reported that opening and closing the phone was just as smooth. This indicates that the worst dirt did not enter the mechanism.

Durability was one of the important promises Samsung promised Announced Z Fold 2 in August..To explain that point, the company Use clips From Nelson Original Galaxy Fold durability test.. He found that only a handful of foldable stains quickly penetrated the hinge mechanism, making it crunchy to open and close, and generally terrible. Check it out in the clip below:

Samsung uses the same “sweeper” technology introduced in Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is designed to remove dust and dirt from the foldable display. The company does not claim that the device is completely waterproof or dustproof, but these tests show that the phone should be a little more durable if it accidentally comes in contact with a small amount of dirt. Suggests.

Nelson doesn’t disassemble the phone during the durability test, so it’s unclear if small dust or dirt got into the hinges, I will fix it Z flip disassembly It turns out that dust can still pass through similar bristles used in the hinge mechanism.

While its hinges look more durable, the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s foldable display is as easy to scratch as last year’s device. This year’s Z flip.. It comes with a pair of fragile plastic screen protectors on its inner and outer screens that warn Samsung not to remove it.However, if you do so, you will be on the phone Doesn’t break like the original fold, Nelson reports that the foldable display inside the phone may still be scratched by the fingernail (a fact that Samsung software specifically warns users).

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It’s not that the Z Fold 2 doesn’t use Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass technology, but the glass is only covered with the top layer of scratch-prone plastic.If the device screen breaks within the first year, Samsung will One-time screen exchange for $ 149..

So while the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a more durable phone than last year’s Fold, it’s still a bit more tricky than a regular smartphone. For an overview of how to use it Check out our full review..