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Game music: Sherbrooke will soon be among the greats |  News |  The galery

Game music: Sherbrooke will soon be among the greats | News | The galery

André Cayer has stars in his eyes when he talks about his show and what he hopes to achieve.

“You could be with a Los Angeles songwriter who’s working on a great movie or video game and recording here live while he’s in his studio. “

We are also starting to see Sherbrooke graduates in the end credits of various games. Jean-François Racine received the award for best soundtrack at the 2020 Canadian Game Awards for his work on the game Outward: The Three Brothers. Marc Antoine Gagnon is a composer for Gameloft in Montreal. This study has several dozen mobile games to its credit. Philomène Larocque has collaborated with the Erupting Avocado studio in addition to receiving an honorable mention at Pixel Chalenge in 2017 for the game Laser Cut.

In short, Estrie and Quebec are slowly trying to find their place in a world that has long been completely dominated by great Japanese composers.

And the program is growing. André Cayer and his team have established relationships with video game design programs in Quebec and with studios, large and small.

“We are reaching a point where in a year or two we will really set foot in the international arena to shoot and shoot here. We are in the stage of finalizing the implementation of the program. “

So, for example, would it be possible that the music for Assassin’s Creed, one of the most popular series on the planet, was recorded in Sherbrooke in five years?

” Without a doubt! “

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