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Game ‘Neversong’ has dominated the Apple Arcade platform


Apple Arcade released a new game “Neversong”. You can download “Neversong” with your Apple Arcade subscription. It is like a musical adventure and it looks amazing. You can enjoy it on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

It probably looks even more beautiful on a big screen. It is definitely not a small game since it takes up 1.1 GB but even its description in the App Store will make you want to get it. Peet wakes up after a coma and cannot find his girlfriend anymore. Strange screams come from Neverwood, zombies behave more and more strangely, and Peet’s past is revealed.

There are already videos on YouTube posted on May 1st and they just make you want to start playing it right away. You can subscribe to Apple Arcade for $ 4.99 per month and have access to over 100 games. In addition to “Neversong”, more games will be released.

Neversong will be featured on iGaming platforms?

It’s been a decade that the iGaming industry saw a big rise. We could name countries that had a successful development of the iGaming industry including Canada, Australia, India, etc. Digital casino trend became popular because top live casinos started creating interesting and plot-twisting story-lines.

When the industry is growing, it’s better for gamers as he grows along with industry. Due to the digital casino trend, people can play casino games anytime and anywhere. When you sit on your favorite couch and play the live casino game into the phone app or browser, it changes your perspective of gaming. Popular brands in industry have already created the story-lines featuring popular characters. Players have seen Batman, Superman and even Lara Croft.

Neversong is a bit of a different story. Neversong as an Apple game is more focused on music and creative story-line. Creating the same quality and satisfaction to iGaming players won’t be a problem. Neversong has already attracted millions of “Apple” fans who waited for this game way too much. If the adaptation is on the way, then iGaming brands can increase the number of players shortly. 

Apple Arcade’s new Neversong game was inspired by the developer’s near-death experience

Apple Arcade releases Neversong on May 1st. The working title of Neversong was Once Upon a Coma and it is an indie game developed by Serenity Forge. It is a side-scroller style puzzle game and you would be playing as young Peet. He wakes up after a coma and discovers that he is in a nightmare.

His girlfriend has disappeared, so he has to find his way through the Blackfork Asylum and make sense of strange and even violent behavior of grown-ups. As he tries to find his way through the nightmare world the stories from his past are revealed.

Peet has a baseball bat and with the help of childhood friends and a pet bird, Peet is navigating six levels of Neversong’s world, including the above mentioned Blackfork Asylum and Red Wind Field, and tries to find out the truth about his coma. Zhenghua Yang, the founder of Serenity Forge says that Neversong is more than just a game for him.

When his platelet count dropped from an illness, doctors didn’t believe that he could survive. He spent two years in a hospital recovering and fighting loneliness. He started playing video games such as Final Fantasy and League of Legends and found support there.

Yang couldn’t help but think how much video games meant for his recovery. He thinks that video games aren’t just entertainment for kids anymore but can be used to teach both children and adults. He says that video games can contribute to science, healing, and conflict resolution. Apple launched Apple Arcade in September and became an important player in the gaming industry.


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