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Game On: London Street Basketball Tournament – ​​Photo Essay | Sports


basketball Though considered somehow an American phenomenon rather than one of the most famous sports in Britain, London’s thriving community of young people is enthusiastically following and playing the sport. In a highly competitive match, basketball player Haisch, known as Nischla Ashchene, has decided to host an instant tournament in southeast London.

Ball reaching the basket

Official and London The basketball league was postponed until November, but street tournaments seemed to be the best way for players to enjoy the sport together.

Player tries to pass another location

“Many people were reluctant to return to court and were happy to work again,” says Nhyira. “I wanted to create a peace, love and positive atmosphere among the youth of the community. We are aware of what is happening in all protests and this is what we do. It will show everyone how well they can be united as one.”

Players at the Curlew Close tournament
Players at the Curlew Close tournament

The tournament took place on a sunny morning Monday, August 31st. At 11:30 am, the player arrives at Carlew Rose Street Court. The court was a clear topic full of players practicing warm-ups and shots. Some already had the ball on their rival’s cheers.

Hosted by Nhyira Asihene (Heish)

The players were divided into a team of four. On one side of the court were people playing with local teams such as Greenwich Titan. The other is just the people I’ve just met who have seen the tournament advertised on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram.

No player is given a brief time on the court

The game was played on a half court and as soon as the whistle was blown, the environment was filled with tension and excitement.

As the game gets more intense, Joe actively penetrates the basket of rival teams

The team played a short, fierce match for the first 15 points, in a typical way of a street tournament. As the game became more intense, the court became bigger and more lively. Suddenly, the calm fell at the moment it became clear how hard they were playing. One player dislocates his knee and an ambulance is called. When he was moved on a stretcher, everyone applauded and shouted for encouragement.

Players at the Curlew Close tournament
Players at the Curlew Close tournament
  • Clockwise from the top left, Jordan fights through the defense. Some players still have the energy of one game. The center’s Emmanuel will help you track your score. The removed team remains to monitor the end of the tournament

Knocked out players remained around the court to watch the drama unfold as the team was eliminated. The final match ended around 4:30 pm, and the atmosphere in the courtyard was as if people had witnessed the NBA final, all with screaming and zeal.

Players fight hard to reach the basket

“This outbreak has left many people unwilling to go out and participate in team sports like basketball,” Asihene says. “But basketball and other sports continue to provide and continue to provide our youth with a respectable role model.” The last few months must have felt forever for these young players. No, but they can still play hard.

Winning team, Affies, Joe, Samson, Emmanuel

  • Winning team: left to right, Affies, Joe, Samson, Emmanuel

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